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Information about the heating season in ZNU

October 27 the heating have enabled in all campus buildings of Zaporizhzhya National University. When starting up the heating system in the 3rd hostel was a slight damage to the equipment, which work on removing Maintenance and Supply Department of ZNU. The heat in the hostel will appear tomorrow - October 28.
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27.10.2014 18:00

ZNU students participated in a discussion on youth employment in Ukraine

October 24 was held a roundtable on "Specificity of use the European experience of youth employment in Ukraine". The organizer - Zaporizhzhya Regional Employment Center for Youth with the support of youth, physical education and sport of ZSEA and KU "Rregional Youth Center". Active participants were ZNU students - Aia Andrukh, Anna Aranzhii and Valeriia Ovcharova.
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27.10.2014 15:51

In ZNU finished the qualifying round of the freshmen contest "Let me introduce myself, 1st year!"

The final - fourth day of the freshmen contest "Let me introduce myself, 1st year!". Consisted of performances of the most talented students of Historical, Biological and Faculty of Foreign Languages. Now the jury will select the brightest numbers from all Faculties of ZNU gala concert which will be held November 17 to celebrate the International Students' Day.
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27.10.2014 09:14

Guest from the University of Liverpool Kiron Reid attended the Press Center of ZNU

Kiron Reid, who currently teaches at Zaporizhzhia National University, expressed a desire to visit ZNU press-center and newspaper office. During his visit he shared his impressions from staying at our university and spoke about the work of press service of the University of Liverpool.
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27.10.2014 09:11

At the Faculty of Biology was held a workshop for Zaporizhzhya teachers

Faculty of Biology of ZNU continued fruitful cooperation with teachers of natural sciences of Zaporizhzhya region. Thus, on 23rd October his teachers on the basis of ZNU organized a workshop for school teachers of biology, ecology and chemistry of Zaporizhzhya region.
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27.10.2014 08:59

Freshman of the Faculty of Physics presented the work of SCSP

October 24, freshmen of the Faculty of Physics, presented activity of the Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates of ZNU. The event was conducted by SCSP of the Faculty of Physics Head Dmytro Karpenko and secretary of SCSP of the Faculty of Physics Dariia Anokhina.
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24.10.2014 17:12

In ZNU was held a meeting with Heads of state budgetary research papers

23 October in Zaporizhzhya National University, chaired by Vice-Rector for Science and Research Hennadii Vasylchuk held a meeting with the leaders of the research work performed in ZNU at the expense of the state budget of Ukraine.
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24.10.2014 13:26

Journalist of "Public Television" Bohdan Kutepov gave a master class for students of ZNU

October 23 at the Faculty of Journalism of Zaporizhzhya National University students held a meeting with the journalist "Public Television" Bohdan Kutepov who has an online broadcast of events during the square and along with Mustafa Nayem did a series of interviews with the military in the area of ​​ATO.
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24.10.2014 13:25

On the basis of the Law Faculty of ZNU was held a workshop for school teachers

October 23 at the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University was held an annual workshop for school teachers of educational institutions of I-II accreditation levels "Innovative technologies in teaching and training courses of students lawyers to participate in competitive events of law". The organizers of this event were the Faculty of Law of ZNU, Zaporizhzhya Regional Institute for Postgraduate Education and Zaporizhzhya regional center for tourism and local history of school youth with the support of Zaporizhzhya City Council.
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24.10.2014 11:39

In ZNU is held an international conference "Challenges and prospects of development of the new economy in the world, national and regional levels"

October 23 at the Economics Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University started IX International Scientific and Practical Conference "Challenges and prospects of development of the new economy in the world, national and regional levels", which involved more than 400 students and scholars, among them - 142 guests from different cities of Ukraine.
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23.10.2014 15:31
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