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ZNU Women Won Bronze at the Aerobics Ball-2010

On April 27th in the Sport place "Yunost'" there was the Aerobics Ball-2010. 22 student teams from all over Ukraine came to Zaporizhzhya to compete for the Zaporizhzhya National Technical University's Cup. The women team of the ZNU won the 3rd place.
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30.04.2010 16:13

The Department's of Physical Education Student Has Got "Mister ZNU-2010" Title

On April 28th there was the gala concert of the annual beauty contest "Mister ZNU-2010". 10 guys from different ZNU departments and colleges competed for this title. The winner is Sergiy Korolenko, the Department's of Physical Education student. Dmytro Kulinich (the Department of Law) won the second place, and the third place went to Konstyantyn Chumak (the Economic Department).
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29.04.2010 16:52

Everybody Sings at Ukrainian Song Festival

On April 27th in Zaporizhzhya National University there was the second festival of the Ukrainian song. 22 participants from different ZNU departments, international students and famous singers took part in it.
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28.04.2010 16:14

ZNU Joined Eurasia Universities Association

On April 23-24th ZNU Rector Sergiy Tymchenko visited the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference "The Universities and Society. Cooperation and Development of the Universities in XXI Century", which occurred in Lomonosov Moscow State University. The ZNU and MSU rectors agreed the cooperation between the universities. More over ZNU joined the Eurasia Universities Association.
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27.04.2010 15:57

Charity Action at the Economic Department

During the April at the Economic Department of ZNU there was being realized the charity action "Help the orphans!". The department’s students and teachers along with Yakymivka District Council's deputy Gennady Shevchenko joined the action. Three thousand hryvnyas were collected during the action. Games, candies, school supplies and other important products were bought for the kids.
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27.04.2010 15:45

ZNU's Got Talents!

In Zaporizhzhya National University there were the series of the selective tours to the show "ZNU Has Got Talents" organized by the Center of the Cultural and Mass Work of ZNU.
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26.04.2010 20:22


Faculty staff, students and graduates of the Economic Department congratulate Assistant Professor Nataliya Maksyshko with successful defending of the doctoral dissertation! Congratulations and the best wishes!
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23.04.2010 20:19

Ukrainian Journalism Top-Figures Visited ZNU

On April 22-24 the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Social Communications of the Modern World" take place in Zaporizhzhya. The conference is organized by Zaporizhzhya National University, Classical Private University and the Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and supported by the International Renaissance Foundation and the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.
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23.04.2010 19:50

Lie Features Studied by ZNU Student

The Department of Sociology and Administrating junior Asya Volyk has been studied the lie already second year. She conducted the social experiment according to the topic of her diploma research. It appears that our tone of voice and mimics can show whether we lie or not.
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23.04.2010 19:44

Rehabilitation Seminar in ZNU

On April 22 the specialists of the medicine gathered in ZNU for sharing the experience in the treating of the children with injuries of the central nervous system. Practical medical staff and rehabilitators were invited to the seminar "New Methods in Treating and Correcting Work with Children with Nervous System Injuries". European Neuropsychopedagogical Laboratory, Charity Foundation "Good Hope" and the Yan Komensky University of Bratislava were the co-organizers of the seminar.
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23.04.2010 19:33
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