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Tournament in football for Commonwealth Cup

April, 13 men’s and women’s football teams from Physics and Management Faculties struggled for the Commonwealth Cup. Friendship tournaments between women’s teams have come in tradition. This year Cup Tournament was introduced

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25.04.2012 11:22

Theme group session in Mathematical Sciences under ‘Youth Science 2012’

April, 11 within the framework of the 5th University Scientific and Practice Conference theme group session in Mathematical Sciences was held

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25.04.2012 10:14

‘Youth Science’ conference participants demonstrated high scientific level of research papers at the Faculty of Physics

April, 10 theme group session in the areas of Applied Physics, Physics of Metals and Semi-Conductors Physics was held under the ‘Youth Science 2012’

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25.04.2012 09:56

Theme group sessions in Biological Sciences held at the Faculty of Biology

April, 11 within the framework of annual “Youth Science” conference theme group session in Biological Sciences was carried out at the Faculty of Biology. Their reports presented 53 participants, among which 48 students, 2 young scholars and 3 postgraduate students, in the following areas of research: Human and Animal Physiology. Human Ecology, Chemistry, Game Management, Immunology and Biochemistry, Environment

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25.04.2012 09:20

KVK Championship Final for Rector’s Cup

April, 12 KVK Fun & Wit Open Championship for Rector’s Cup was held in ZNU, which was also the Astronautics Day, so six best teams were suggested astronautic topic for joking

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25.04.2012 09:15

Youth Science of Social Teachers and Psychologists

April, 10-11 small group meeting took place at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology within the framework of Youth Science 2012

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24.04.2012 15:23

Scientific Societies of Zaporizhzhya National University and Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy held joint round table discussion

Initiated by Scientific Societies of the both academic institutions, a round table discussion was held at Engineering Academy. On the agenda was the issue of interconnection between environmental and economic factors in present-day construction work.

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24.04.2012 14:24

Scholars from the Faculty of Foreign Philology participated in Youth Science 2012

April, 12 theme group session was held at the Faculty of Foreign Philology under the auspices of Youth Conference 2012

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24.04.2012 14:19

Round table discussion on “Anti-Americanism in modern world” at the Faculty of History

April, 12 within the framework of Youth Science 2012 and initiated by “International Affairs Expert” Club a small group meeting was held, dedicated to Anti-Americanism in modern world: reasons and manifestations”

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24.04.2012 12:55
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