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Law Faculty student met with war veteran Oleksandr Shorokhov

On the eve of the Victory Day the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University visited veteran of World War Oleksandr Shorokhov. He met with 3rd year students to tell them about the events of that terrible war, and about his life in the postwar period.
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13.05.2014 09:31

ZNU visited candidate for President of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh

May 8 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a meeting of teachers and students with a candidate for President of Ukraine, famous politician, former Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Ukraine Army General (in stock) Mykola Malomuzh.
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12.05.2014 11:08

Activists of SCSP met with young scientists of Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy

April 29 was held a meeting of the Head and Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates of Zaporizhzhya National University under the guidance of the Scientific Community of Students of Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy.
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30.04.2014 14:11

The Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov met with freshmen of all Faculties

April 23 the Rector of Zaporizhzhya National University, professor Mykola Frolov met with first-year students of all Faculties of our university. The event was also attended by representatives of the administration of ZNU, Deans and representatives of the teaching staff of our university. During the meeting, Mykola Frolov not only told freshmen about the main directions of further development of our higher education, but also give answers to all questions relevant to students.
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24.04.2014 10:36

Philology Faculty students met with representatives of famous family Lazarevskyi

Last week at the Philological Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University was held a literary evening "Taras Shevchenko and Lazarevskyi family". Honorary guests of the event were the descendants of the famous Ukrainian family Lazarevskyi - Inna Lazarevskaia-Skoropadska - great-granddaughter of Fedor Matviiovych Lazarevskyi, and her son Oleksandr Skoropadskyi. The organizer of the meeting was associate professor of Ukrainian literature Valentyna Kravchenko.
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23.04.2014 11:03

Employees of the District Department of the State Tax Inspectorate held a meeting with representatives of ZNU

In Zaporizhzhya National University, the representatives of the State Tax Inspectorate in Zhovtnevyi district of Zaporizhzhya with teachers and students from all Faculties of our university, as well as employees of its structural divisions. During the meeting, the participants reviewed the new legislative changes relating to the declaration of incomes of citizens of Ukraine and obtain their tax rebates.
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09.04.2014 15:46

In ZNU was held a novel's presentation of Zaporizhzhya writer Tala Vladmyrova "Winter cuckoo"

April 8 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a presentation of Dara Kornii's and Tala Vladmyrova's book "Winter cuckoo", which was attended by one of the authors of the work - of regional academic editor of the newspaper "Zaporizhzhya University" Tamila Tarasenko (alias - Tala Vladmyrova). The meeting with her attended teachers and students of the Faculty of Philology and Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and representatives of the creative communities of Zaporizhzhya.
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08.04.2014 16:39

Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov met with Crimean students studying in our university

March 20 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a meeting of the Rector Mykola Frolov and administration of the university students of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. During the event, students had the opportunity to get answers to all urgent questions. They also reported the most important sequence of actions to address specific problems. In addition, after the meeting, Mykola Oleksandrovych invited all willing to meet with him personally to address specific problems.
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21.03.2014 11:41

A representative of the Department of Military Training of ZNTU the colonel Oleksandr Korobov met with the students of our university

March 17, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs, assistant professor of the Department of Military Training of Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, the colonel Oleksandr Korobov met with students of Zaporizhzhya National University. During the event, spoke about entrance to the Department, especially the teaching on it and the benefits, which subsequently can expect its graduates.
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18.03.2014 10:10

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages was held a presentation of international exchange programs for students and teachers "Mevlyana"

March 3 for the teachers Faculty of Foreign Languages was held a presentation the exchange program between universities in Turkey and other educational institutions of the world from the Deputy Coordinator of the exchange students and teachers "Mevlyana" teacher of Çukurova University (Adana, Turkey) Olha Kunt.
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03.03.2014 11:24
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