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In Polohy specialists of ZNU gave consultations to pupils of comprehensive schools concernig EIT-2015

On the informational and consultative meeting of entering 2015 and conduction EIT in Polohy visited 255 senior pupil. Students from Huliaipole joined – 40 children accompanied by their parents and teachers; and from Kuibysheva – 35.
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23.02.2015 17:00

At the ZNU defended their scientific works pupils-members of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

February 22, over 900 talented pupils from all over Zaporizhzhya region visited Zaporizhzhya National University on the second (regional) stage of the сontest-defense scientific research of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The event is traditionally held on the basis of our university, professors control the meetings of sections and assessed scientific works and also public speaking of pupils. As a result of the contest-defense the best pupils-scientist presented our region in All-Ukrainian level.

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23.02.2015 15:46

At the Faculty of Law continues The Career Days

Within the "Weeks career" at the Faculty of Law visited representatives of the international law firm Yaroslav Hryshyn and Partners - Dmytro Yatsenko and Dmytro Hladkyi. For students of Master the meeting by theme "Aspects of the beginning realization of their professional activities" was an excellent opportunity to plunge into the world of professional law.
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23.02.2015 13:00

At the ZNU Trade College on the celebration of Maslenitsa held a charitable exhibition sale of pancakes

February 19 in ZNU Trade College cyclic commission "Technologies and Organization of Nutrition" was a contest of professional skills among students of specialty "Food Production" and exhibition sale baked to oil dishes. All money collected at the exhibition-sale was directed to the needs of the Ukrainian army.
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23.02.2015 10:45

At the Faculty of Journalism of ZNu held the celebration of Maslenitsa

February 20 Students Council of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU organized a charity fair dedicated to the celebration of Maslenitsa. The event was held under the slogan: "Buy a pancake - give a piece of good for kids". During the celebration everyone had the opportunity to buy sweets (cookies or pancakes), in such a way by supporting charity event. By the action expressed a desire to join both students and teachers of ZNU.
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23.02.2015 09:56

The Gender Education Center of ZNU applied gender approaches in social and educational work of higher educational institution

February from 18 to 20 at the Sumy State University held National seminar by theme "Gender Audit higher educational institutions as an instrument of politic realizations of equal rights and possibilities between women and men in the educational sphere" under the support of the Fund in the name of Friedrich Ebert in Ukraine. The event was attended by representatives of 16 universities from different regions of Ukraine. Zaporizhzhya National University was represented by the Head of the Gender Education Center of ZNU Tetiana Holovanova.
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23.02.2015 09:47

At the ZNU held the 1st defense of master works on the specialty "Management of projects"

At the Department of Financial and Economic Security Management and projects by Faculty of Economics of ZNU held the 1st defense of master works on the specialty "Management of projects"..
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05.02.2015 10:13

Faculty of Law produced jubilee stamp

February 4 on the Faculty of Law held a presentation of the jubilee stamp with logotype of the Faculty. The stamp prepared on the occasion of celebration 25th anniversary of the establishment of professional trainings for lawyers in Zaporizhzhya region. She will play the role of another business cards, like other presentation attributes of the faculty.
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05.02.2015 10:11

Representatives of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology took part in projects contrary to rape

Today the representatives of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU took part in presentation activities of Zaporizhzhya Regional Public Organization "Association of psychologists and psychoanalysts "Cooperation". Zaporizhzhya National University at the event was represented Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate professor of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology of Educational Activity, Head of the Gender Education Center, which work on the basis of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, Adviser of the Head of ZRSA (Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration) of gender questions Tetiana Holovanova.
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04.02.2015 16:16

At the ZNU get education 63 foreigners

Today at the ZNU study 63 foreigners. Among them three foreigners in the Postgraduate Department and eight foreigners – at the Preparatory Office and 52 foreigners get basic education practically of all faculties of our University. The greatest number of students represented from other countries, studying at the Faculties of Law and Physical Education.
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03.02.2015 16:14
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