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Scholars from the Faculty of Foreign Philology participated in Youth Science 2012

April, 12 theme group session was held at the Faculty of Foreign Philology under the auspices of Youth Conference 2012

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24.04.2012 14:19

International Conference on Foreign Philology in the 21st Century launched in ZNU

The jubilee 5th Research Conference on Foreign Philology in the 21st Century which was taking place at the Faculty of Philology on April 6-7, has successfully confirmed its international status. To discuss current issues in Linguistics and Literary Studies the scholars from Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Odesa, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kherson, Zhytomyr and other Ukrainian cities have arrived in ZNU. Besides, the scientific meeting was also visited by the scholars from Belgium, Bulgaria, etc.

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09.04.2012 09:10

Scientific publications of the Associate Professor from the Faculty of Foreign Philology on the Library register list at Yale University (the U.S.A.)

The Department of Theory and Practice of Translation and Interpretation Assoc. Prof. Rusudan Makhachashvili has her scientific endeavours on the Yale University Library Register list
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27.03.2012 00:36

Workshop at the Faculty of Foreign Philology

February, 27 within the framework of Science and Methodology Board session a methodology seminar for faculty educators was carried out on “Components of literary texts interpretation for 4-5 year students”
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01.03.2012 09:21

First steps forward taken

February, 23 Faculty of Foreign Philology, traditional teaching internship conference for 4th year students was held. Department of teaching second language head, Ph.D. and Assoc. Prof. Kateryna Ruzhin, teaching internship supervisor, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Olga Kanibolotska greeted students addressing them as colleagues
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01.03.2012 09:03

Studying through singing

February, 17 Faculty of Foreign Philology gave concert in Spanish, organised and staged by 1-4th year students of Spanish as a first and second language
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22.02.2012 10:23

Congratulations to experts in foreign languages

Results of round 1 of Ukrainian National Student Contest in Foreign Languages among non-linguistic students held by the Department of foreign languages for specific purposes were summed up
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22.02.2012 09:53

Adopting approaches from our international counterparts

Educators from the Department of Foreign Languages continue to learn practices of teaching English as a foreign language at the top-rank higher education institutions of Great Britain
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20.02.2012 11:52

Video conference between ZNU and University of Maine

It has come in tradition to hold video conferences between Faculty of Foreign Philology (ZNU) and University of Maine (France) focused on discussing current and burning issues in Linguistics. On February, 1 the subsequent on-line conference was held.
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12.02.2012 23:53

Visit by French publisher to the Faculty of Foreign Philology

Representative of French publishing house ‘Hachette’ and teacher of French Olivier Martin attends the Faculty of Foreign Philology. ‘Hachette’ is specializing in publishing course books for all proficiency levels in French as a foreign language.
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10.02.2012 10:11
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