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NAS Academician Volodymyr Semynozhenko Visits

Volodymyr SEMYNOZHENKO, Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, visited ZNU.

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29.03.2006 10:40

Renewed Exposition Of ZNU Museum Opened

The renewed exposition of the university museum was opened within the celebrations of ZNU’s 75th anniversary. Vice-Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Mykhaylo STEPKO, Rector of ZNU Sergiy TYMCHENKO and Assistant Rector on Public Relations Iryna GERMAN took part in the ceremony.

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28.03.2006 17:02

Aerobics Team Of ZNU Is The Best!

The team of our university won the first prize in the category “Basic Aerobics” at the recent “Spring Student’s Aerobics Ball - 2006”.

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28.03.2006 13:56

Creative Contest At The Faculty Of Mathematics

The creative contest, devoted to 75th anniversary of ZNU, finished at the Faculty of Mathematics. Best works were chosen in several nominations: “Best Poem”, “Best Photo”, “Best Drawing”, “Best Wall Newspaper” and “Best Research Work”.

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28.03.2006 13:40

“Miss Spring Of ZNU - 2006” – Festival Of Beauty And Talent

Festival of beauty and talent “Miss Spring Of ZNU - 2006” was held in Student’s Palace of Culture (former Drobyazko Palace of Culture).

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25.03.2006 13:35

Meeting of ZNU Media-Club

“Problems Of Housing And Communal Services” was the topic for discussion for another meeting of Media-Club of ZNU. It was held at the Faculty of Journalism within the project “People And Authorities: Dialogue By Means Of Media”. Our guest from Kyiv Sergiy KVIT, Director of Mogyla School of Journalism, President of Center of Media Reforms, was invited as an expert of the event.

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21.03.2006 14:34


We congratulate the staff of Zaporizhzhya National University faculties on successful accreditation of the following specialities: “Social Pedagogics”, “Physical Training”, “Physical Rehabilitation”, “Olympic And Professional Sports”, “Accounting And Audit”, “History”, “Ukrainian Language And Literature”, “Science Of Law”, “Physics”, “Solid-State Physics”, “Biology” and licensing of “Training Of The Ukrainian Citizens For Entering Higher Education Institutions” and “Science Of Law” (magistracy) specializations.

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21.03.2006 14:31

Grand Session Of ZNU Academic Council And Festive Meeting On 75th Anniversary Of ZNU

March 17-18 was the culmination point of celebrating 75th Anniversary of ZNU – grand session of ZNU Academic Council was held in V.G. Magar’s Zaporizhzhya Region Academic Ukrainian Music And Drama Theatre.

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20.03.2006 14:19

Festive Meeting At The Faculty Of Philology

On March 15 festive meeting, devoted to 75th anniversary of ZNU, was held at the Faculty of Philology. Vice-Rector On Science Viktor Gryshchak was representing university administration at the event. He rewarded faculty lecturers and workers with honorary diplomas on such an occasion.

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15.03.2006 14:14

Congratulations on 8th of March!

We sincerely congratulate all women of our university with the holiday of spring, love and beauty – International Women’s Day!

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07.03.2006 15:59
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