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Mykhaylo Edel: YAS Created as Alternative to Olympics

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Youth Academy of Science (YAS). This contest helps students to develop their scientific skills. It has tree tours: at the schools level, at the oblast level in Zaporizhzhya National University at the All-Ukrainian level in Kyiv. But it hasn't been like this all the time. The director of the Zaporizhzhya Center of Technical and Scientific Creativity of Youth Mykhaylo Edel tells us about the history of YAS and the idea of its creation.
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03.03.2011 15:23

Another Specialized Scientific Council Opened in ZNU

The Specialized Scientific Council in Law disciplines Theory and History of State Law, Political and Law Science and Administrative Law and Process, Financial and Informational Law opened in ZNU.
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02.03.2011 14:06

13 ZNU Students Are ZAVTRA.UA Contest Finalists

The finalists of the Scholarship Contest of the ZAVTRA.UA Program were announced. Among them are 13 students of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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02.03.2011 13:55

CEL Student Ball

On February 25 the Student Ball show for the students of the ZNU College of Economics and Law took place in Mix Night Club. Seven couples of students participated in the contest College's Ideal Couple.
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02.03.2011 13:48

Open Doors Day at Journalism Department

Around forty future university entrants came to the Journalism Department's Open Doors Day. The welcome meeting with the university administration, the concert and the campus excursion were organized for them.
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01.03.2011 13:43

Lesya Ukrainka's Anniversary Celebrated in ZNU

The famous Ukrainian poet's 140th birthday anniversary was celebrated in ZNU on February 25th. The student of the Department of Philology prepared the concert, where sang songs and danced and also performed the abstracts from Lesya Ukrainka’s plays.
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28.02.2011 19:35

Express Our Condolences

The faculty, staff and students of Zaporizhzhya National University express the condolences and grief about the passing away of the Associate Professor of Chair of German Philology and Translating Irina Grigorivna Koleskyk.
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28.02.2011 11:28

Cossack Cavalry Charge on National Defender Day

The national ancient Cossack game was organized as a student men sport event for this year National Defender Day in ZNU. It was supported by the NGO "Ukrainian Federation Spas" and the university administration.
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24.02.2011 19:19

Second Graduate Class of Guides-Translators in ZNU Center of Business Education

On February 22nd the second class of the students of specialty "Guides-Translators" graduated at ZNU Center of Business Education. Seven graduates received the positive evaluation grade from the Accreditation Commission for giving the permission for the tourist support of the excursions.
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24.02.2011 17:52
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