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On the basis of ZNU held regional stage of Olympiad in Physical Training for pupils

January 16, in Zaporizhzhya National University held a regional, final, stage of Olympiad in Physical Training among pupils of 9-11 forms. The organizers of this event were representatives of Zaporizhzhya Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education of Zaporizhzhya city council.
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18.01.2016 11:57

At ZNU determined the winners of a tournament Cup of mini-soccer Vyacheslav Tolok

On December 16 in the Health club of Zaporizhzhya National University held a final of the tournament on mini-soccer, dedicated to commemorate the former rector, professor Viacheslav Tolok, and the closing ceremony of the tournament finalists and awards.
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17.12.2015 13:40

For students of the Faculty of Physical Education held a seminar on writing scientific articles

On November 30, at the Faculty of Physical Education of ZNu held a seminar on writing scientific articles. Organizers of the event were activists of the faculty SCSPDCYS (Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates Doctoral Candidates and Young Scientists) Vitalii Torba and Diana Snihar.
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30.11.2015 16:20

"Nadiia ZNU" - silver prize winner of the 1st All-Ukrainian Sports Students' Competition

Kyiv National University of Physical Education and Sport held its first All-Ukrainian Sports Students' Competition. In their competitions in mini-football team won silver Zaporizhzhya National University "Nadiia ZNU". Intense and uncompromising game eight best teams from around the country presented the incredible experiences and unforgettable emotions.
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29.09.2015 14:00

Students of ZNU adequately represented in the competition "Conscript - 2015"

On September 25 at a military town military unit No. 9-1978 was held the final stage of the regional military-sports competition for labor and students "Conscript 2015". Traditionally, the competition was attended by young men of Zaporizhzhya National University. This year they took the 4th place in the team event.
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28.09.2015 13:22

Sportsmen of ZNU - worthy descendants of their famous predecessors

In Zaporizhzhya National University students work with traditional healing and is systematic and thorough. In universitiy constantly concerned about healthy lifestyle, good fit, active young people. Most attention management pays to physical health of members of the university community. Famous higher educational institution holding the annual sports day, the work of the many sports clubs and groups of health. But very popular among student-athletes enjoying futsal. That is why almost three years ago at the initiative of the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov was decided to resume the activities of the university team on mini-football "Nadiia ZNU", which has long held the championship in the national championship.
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24.09.2015 15:53

At Postgraduate Center top up qualifications teachers of sports disciplines

June 23, at Postgraduate Center held the last in this academic year official handing certificates advanced training for coaches in different kinds sports. Advanced training was performed on the basis of the Faculty of Physical Education of ZNU, by specialized program "Modern aspects of sports training and techniques", which consisted of 72 academic hours.
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24.06.2015 09:29

At ZNU summed up the students' participation in All-Ukrainian contests of scientific works and Olympiads

One of the most important indicators of the rating of Higher Education Institutions is the number of students-winners of All-Ukrainian contests of student scientific works and All-Ukrainian Olympiads. In 2015 17 students of ZNU winners of the second stage of All-Ukrainian contest of student scientific works, and also 14 won prizes in the second stage of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad.
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22.06.2015 15:48

The evening of fame gathered constellation of sports talents (photo report)

On May 28 in Zaporizhzhya National University at the sports complex was held the evening of ZNU Sports Hall of Fame dedicated to the prize winners and winners of ZNU Sports Contest.
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29.05.2015 14:27

Student of ZNU became an International Master of Sport of Ukraine

The alumnum of the College of Economics and Law, the 3rd year student of the Faculty of Physical Education of ZNU Tetiana Kondratieva received a honorary degree of the International Master of Sport of Ukraine in wushu . In addition in 2015, she will receive a scholarship for the perspective sportsmen ofZaporozhzhya region. Awarding held on 16 of April in Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, which congratulated the best sportsmen of our region.
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17.04.2015 12:31
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