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Creative Forum of ZNU

Yesterday the first conference of the Creative Forum of ZNU was held, organized by the Scientific Students’ Union of our university. There were represented four projects: «Informational Centre», «Research of the Castle of Popov», « Research of Rivers in Zaporizhzhya region» and «Paleozoology».
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15.11.2006 12:45

Gala-Concert of the contest «Let Us Introduce Ourselves»

Yesterday the gala-concert of the annual contest for the first-year students «Let Us Introduce Ourselves» was held. There were represented the best examples of students’ amateur performances, which had success among the audience during three preliminary competition days.
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15.11.2006 12:40

Sports Festival in ZNU

IN Zaporizhzhya National University the Students’ Sports Festival goes on. In its framework ping pong contest was held between men.
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13.11.2006 12:54

Students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU took part in international conference

On the basis of Dnipropetrovsk State University of Domestic Affairs the international scientific-practical conference «Law antagonism to the illegal turnover of narcotic remedies in Ukraine» was organized. Representatives of ZNU participated in the conference.
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13.11.2006 12:53

Victory is by «Orbita - University»

IN Zaporizhzhya National University the first tour of the fifth stage of XVI Championship of Ukraine of the season of 2006-2007 years took place among female teams of the Superleague on volleyball. The teams «Оrbita - University» (ZNU) and «Iskra - Peduniversity» (Lugansk).
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13.11.2006 12:51

Musical break in ZNU

Today at 11 a.m. the regular musical break was held by the Student Union of Zaporizhzhya national university near the second building. This time it was organized by the Physical Faculty and by the chairman of the cultural-mass sector of the Student Union Julia Lototska.
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10.11.2006 14:11

Competition on the criminal law

IN Zaporizhzhya national university the regional competitions on criminal law were conducted in the form of the game “What? Where? When?”. The initiator of the action became Zaporizhzhya department of the Student League of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine on head of its chairman – the third-year student of the Law Faculty Mikhailo Vihlayev.
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10.11.2006 14:10

«The Ukrainian language existed, does exist and will always exist»

Yesterday in the framework of celebrating of the Days of the Ukrainian literacy and language the results of the regional contest of media materials «The Ukrainian language existed, does exist and will always exist» announced on the Faculty of Journalism. It was arranged with the support of international public organisation «The Congress of Protection of the Ukrainian Language». The winner in the nomination “TV Journalism” became the lecturer of the chair of creative journalistic work of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU Oxana Gladii. The Award was handed by the the honourable guest of the holiday - the chairman of «The Congress of Protection of the Ukrainian Language» Valentina Strilko.
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10.11.2006 14:08

Our congratulations on the Day of the Ukrainian literacy and language!

Dear lecturers and students of Zaporizhzhya National University! We congratulate you on the Day of the Ukrainian literacy and language – the most valuable acquisitions which created and left our predecessors for us.
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09.11.2006 19:12

Knights humor and satire

Yesterday in the reading hall of the philological literature of he University library the final tour of the contest of humorists-performers «The Mocking-Bird» took place. There participated famous masters of humor and satire: Tetyana Miroshnichenko, Petro Rebro, Anatoliy Rekubratskiy, Mikola Bilokopitov, Olexiy Kudrya, Leonid Sosnitskiy, Valentina Shcherbina, Olexandra Klimenko.
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08.11.2006 17:30
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