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To begin with, tourism is our history

April 12-14, Cossack Palace Expo Centre, the 10th Cross-Regional Specialized Exposition on ‘Recreation. Tourism. Resort 2012’ took place, bringing together representatives of tourism sector in Zaporizhzhya and other regions in Ukraine. Zaporizhzhya National University representatives visited the exposition, namely: Faculty of Physical Education, Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, Centre for Business Education and the College of Economics and Law.  

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24.04.2012 00:30

Department of Drama Arts professors met wit secondary school teachers

April, 12 traditional meeting of professors with their colleagues, teaching arts and aesthetic courses in secondary schools took place at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

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24.04.2012 00:17

Pedagogics and Psychology captivates students of diverse specialities

April, 10 small group session on ‘Pedagogics of Higher School. General Pedagogics’ and ‘Pedagogics and Psychology in Gender Studies Focus’ supervised by Prof. Natalia Shevchenko and Assoc. Prof. Tetiana Golovanova took place under the 5th ‘Youth Science 2012’ University Scientific and Practice Conference for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students and Young Scholars

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20.04.2012 15:27

Students of Physical Training are prize-winners at All-Ukrainian competitions

March, 27-30 second tour of All-Ukrainian Competition in the area of Physical Rehabilitation was held in Lutsk (Western Ukraine) where Master in Physical Training Kateryna Zuyeva (ZNU) won third place

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20.04.2012 15:21

Classic Literature and Linguistic Tendencies: challenges for contemporary experts in Philology

Within the framework of Youth Science 2012 small group in Linguistic Sciences four sub-groups were held: Classic Literature in modern interpretations aspect, Problematic issues of contemporary literature study and methodology of teaching, Linguo-stylistic specifics of text and writer's personal style, and Semantic and grammatical peculiarities of different level language units. Attendees from the Faculty of Philology, Russian and Ukrainian Philology tried to resolve current language and literature issues

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20.04.2012 14:52

Youth Science 2012 at the Faculty of History demonstrated wide spectrum of research issues

Seven small group sessions were held at the Faculty of History.

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20.04.2012 14:30

ZNU Students of Biology became winners at All-Ukrainian Competition on “Nature. Human. Production. Environment”

After the results of annual “Nature. Human. Production. Environment” All-Ukrainian Young Rationalizers and Inventors Competition, 2nd year students of Biology (ZNU), majoring in Ecology, Environmental Protection and Rational Management of Natural Resources Anastasia Kobyliatska and Anastasia Skokova became 1st and 3rd winners respectively in the selected areas.

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20.04.2012 14:18

The College of Economics and Law students took part in the 10th ‘Recreation. Tourism. Resort’ Inter-regional Exposition

Students from ZNU and the College of Economics and Law attended the 10th ‘Recreation. Tourism. Resort’ Inter-regional Exposition, held under the motto of “Career in Tourism starts from Education”

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19.04.2012 12:53

Small group session at the Faculty of Economics within the framework of Youth Science 2012

At the small group meeting 19 participants delivered their reports, among them students of the College of Law and Economics and Junior Academy of Business Administration students.

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19.04.2012 12:42

Managers addressing Logistics problems

Small group session in Management and Logistics was held in the framework of “Youth Science 2012”, the 5th University Conference for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students and Young Scholars   

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19.04.2012 12:23
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