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Results of Competition on Statistics

February 20, Associate Professor of ZNU Department of Accounting and Audit Victoria Somchenko under the guidance of the Head of the Department, Professor Anatoliy Topalov held the 1 round of the All-Ukrainian Competition 2012-2013 on discipline "Statistics".
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21.02.2013 13:43

Finalists of ZNU Open KVK Rector's Cup Were Announced

Yesterday the second semifinal game of the Open KVK Rector's Cup took place in ZNU. The event's organizers - ZNU Center for Cultural Work and Student Council.
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21.02.2013 11:37

ZNU Faculty of Philology Celebrated the Anniversary of the Prominent Ukrainian Writer and Scholar Boris Grinchenko

In December, the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous Ukrainian writer, critic, linguist and social activist Boris Grinchenko. Students of the first and third courses under the guidance of the Associate Professor of ZNU Department of the Ukrainian Language Natalia Zubets prepared the reports on the life and activities of the diverse outstanding writer and scholar.

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20.02.2013 15:50

Student Contest in Economics took place in ZNU

The first round of the All-Ukrainian student contest on Business Economics 2012/2013 was launched yesterday at the Faculty of Economics. The students of 2nd to 5th years of study  took part in the competition.  

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19.02.2013 14:19

'Economic Security for Business Development' discussed on the Faculty of Economics

On February 18 the Faculty of Economics hosted a round table dedicated to the discussion ‘Economic security for business development in Ukraine’. Students, lecturers and experts discussed the issues that were highly important for the whole country and for our region in particular.

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19.02.2013 10:59

‘Activ-Z’ organized a soccer game to bring together the sectors of modern society

On February 16 Zaporizhzhya National University hosted an indoor soccer game for “Activ-Z” Cup. For the first time the competition was supported by a non-governmental organization “Activ-Z” together with Zaporizhzhya Municipal Indoor Soccer Association and ZNU Rector Mykola Frolov.

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19.02.2013 10:48

The students of the Faculty of Journalism brought the holiday to the orphans

On February 16 the students of Zaporizhzhya National University visited the orphans of the Municipal Rehabilitation Centre. During the Valentine’s Day festivities the journalists-to-be gave a gift of love to those who needed it most.

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18.02.2013 10:41

Intensive Training for SSSP Members Was Conducted in ZNU

The Intensive Training on science societies management in Ukrainian higher educational establishments was conducted at the initiative of the ZNU Scientific and Research Part and SSSP.
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18.02.2013 10:19

Zaporizhzhya National University is Preparing for Student Council Chairman Elections

February 14, the regular conference of the Student Council Temporary Report and Election Committee took place in Zaporizhzhya National University.
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15.02.2013 14:58

Valentine’s Day celebration on the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

On February 14 the Student Council of the Faculty held a party game named “Sweethearts” in which the couples among students competed for victory and sweet gifts.

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15.02.2013 14:57
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