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The collective of ZNU congratulates winners of Ukrainian competition of student's scientific researches on the Natural, Technical sciences and the Humanities in 2012/2013

The names of winners of Ukrainian competition of student's researches on the natural, technical sciences and the humanities in 2012/2013 are became known. Among the winners – 16 students of ZNU. 

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27.03.2013 16:22

At physical faculty of ZNU took place city competition of creative researches

On 25th of March on the physical faculty of ZNU took place the competition of creative researches on improvement of physical demonstration experiment. This event is organized for the purpose of development of scientific abilities of the pupils and for the increasing of physics knowledge among pupils in Zaporizhzhya.

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26.03.2013 09:21

Winners of the “Student's Spring — 2013” festival are defined

On 21 of March took place ceremonial closing of the “Student's Spring — 2013” festival which organized the Center of cultural and mass work of ZNU traditionally. The Students of sociology and management faculty won the first place of the festival. Gran – prize at competition received the representatives of law faculty.

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22.03.2013 13:53

Representatives Students took part in the presentation of urban social competition "We are a city"

March 18 in PC "steel" presentation competition "We - the city" on the best social projects of public and municipal enterprises and organizations and residents. The event attended by representatives of the local administration, NGOs and universities in our city. Zaporizhzhya National University, the competition presented the first rector Alexander Bondar and 40 law students.
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19.03.2013 10:09

Students Mathematics Department participated in the "Battle of the universities'

March 16 at the Palace of Culture "DSS" began citywide event "Battle of universities." In the event was attended by representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy. Honour our university defended five students mathematics faculty led senior lecturer in information technology Vadim Maslennikova.
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18.03.2013 16:15

Results of the Scientific Conference of All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Papers Contest on Biological Sciences

March 15, the summarization of the Scientific Conference results of All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Papers Contest on Biological Sciences took place at ZNU Faculty of Biology. We remind, that for 2 days - March 13-14 - the best 56 young scientists from the leading universities of Ukraine have been presenting their pepers on natural sciences.
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15.03.2013 14:56

The fourth day of the contest "Student Spring - 2013": a journey in time and questions of parents and children through the eyes of young people

In Zaporizhzhya National University completed a grand show of spring and talent - "Student Spring - 2013". For four days, representatives of all faculties of the University demonstrated their vision of this year's contest theme - "Legends of the twentieth century." By decision of the organizers of the competition - the Center for cultural work - the last day of the performance on stage came the representatives of law and philology departments and the Department of Journalism.
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15.03.2013 10:39

About Pancake and Legends of the twentieth century, from the creators of "Student's spring 2013"

Yesterday took place the third day of the competition "Student Spring 2013." The organizers - the Center for cultural work Students, as well as the jury remained unchanged this time.
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14.03.2013 11:08

"Student Spring - 2013" in ZNU

March 12 at the hall of the second school building was the second stage of the festival student amateur "Student Spring - 2013". The competition of the Centre cultural work Students.
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13.03.2013 10:46

In ZNU solemn opening ceremony of the second stage of Ukrainian student research in "Biology"

Faculty of Biology Zaporizhzhya National University second year is the base for the second stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in "Biology". This time the organizers of the event - representatives of Biology Faculty News and leadership of our university - dedicated nationwide science student assembly 150-year anniversary of the birth of the famous scientist Vladimir Vernadsky.
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12.03.2013 16:44
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