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ZNU 70 teachers completed training courses of foreign language intensive study

For the third consecutive year in Zaporizhzhya National University has a unique program launched by the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov of the active implementation of learning foreign languages ​​for teaching staff of ZNU. On the basis of the Faculty and the School of pedagogical skills of teachers for free ZNU are able to increase the level of foreign language (English, German, French). During this school year, more than 70 teachers improve their language skills, and now, they started final exams, they must demonstrate all acquired knowledge.
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01.06.2016 09:12

Volunteer Marya Innis acquaints students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology with American culture

American Marya Innis, an English teacher by profession, for the fourth time attends Faculty of Foreign Philology of Zaporizhzhya National University. In the 2013-2014 academic year Mrs. Innis was at ZNU as a Peace Corps volunteer.
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21.04.2016 10:02

Pupils of Zaporizhzhya high school at the Faculty of Foreign languages wrote literary essays in foreign languages

Three years ago, representatives of the faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University with the information-analytical methodical center of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Zaporizhzhya city council launched a competition «FRESHview: add a foreign language to read the book." So on February 27 FIF has traditionally held Round contest. The event was attended by 159 students 10 and 11 classes, writing essays in English, German, French and Spanish.
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01.03.2016 13:57

At the Faculty of of Foreign Languages held Metodclub

Faculty of Foreign Languages continues teaching seminars to exchange experience. At this time for discussion of modern methods of teaching gathered together teaching staff of the Department of Teaching Second Language under the guidance by Associate professor Kateryna Ruzhyn. The moderator of the meeting was Associate professor of the Department Olha Kanibolotska, which proposed to start functioning Metodclub at the Department on theme «I know "I can, and I want to teach others!".
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11.02.2016 13:53

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages held meetings of the working group

January, 21 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages the meeting of the working group, in which faculty and staff discussed the academic performance of students of the faculty.
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22.01.2016 09:28

The 8th students' "Christmas Readings" gathered about 200 young scientists of the Faculty of Foreign Philology

On December 24 at the Faculty of Foreign Philology of Zaporizhzhya National University for the eighth time held a traditional scientific event - inter-university student conference "Christmas readings". This year to discuss topical issues of learning foreign languages, literature, translation and teaching methodology in schools have expressed a desire about 200 students and high school students in our region.
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25.12.2015 11:52

At ZNU held workshop of the Goethe Institute

Faculty of Foreign Philology continues its cooperation with Goethe-Institut in Ukraine and conducting trainings, methodical and practical workshops. Recently, on the basis of our university with the assistance of representatives of the Institute of International Education Institute CIVIC conducted a series of workshops for students, teachers, and lecturers on the topic "Europe? I want to know!".
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07.12.2015 09:59

Students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages visited the Khortickiy National Education and Rehabilitation Academy

December 2nd creative team of students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages took part in a charity concert meeting dedicated to the International Day of Disabled Persons, held in Khortickiy National Education and Rehabilitation Academy. The students presented the audience a song “La Seine” in performance Alisa Kryvosheieva and choreographic composition "Hug me" presented by Marharyta Zubchevska, Olha Katrusha, Karyna Kozachenko, Anastasiia Osypenko.
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03.12.2015 12:05

Students of ZNU - among the winners of the International Festival "Dyvosvit"

Winners of the annual International Charity Festival of children and youth creativity and talent "Wonderful World" were four students of Zaporizhzhya National University, pupils of vocal studio "Kantylena" (director - Nataliia Pyrih) was organized by International "Center" World Through the Eyes of Children", with the assistance of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Zaporizhzhya City Council and the Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration.
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30.11.2015 15:07

Students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology received a letter from Nobel laureate Svitlana Alexievich

На адресу студентів факультету іноземної філології Запорізького національного університету надійшов лист-подяка від лауреата Нобелівської премії в номінації «Література» за 2015 рік, відомої білоруської письменниці та публіциста Світлани Алексієвич. Світлана Олександрівна подякувала представникам молоді нашого університету за їхню активність, відзначила, що їм пощастило з викладачами та побажала їм щастя.
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30.11.2015 12:03
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