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German Consul Supports ZNU Scientific Projects

The General Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany Klaus Zillikens visited ZNU on November 17th and expressed the interest in further cooperation with the University.
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18.11.2009 20:30

Happy International Students Day!

Wish you happiness and success!!!
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17.11.2009 20:26

French Education Available for ZNU Students

More students will join double diploma program from now. It was claimed by University of Du Men representatives during their visit to ZNU on November 16th.
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17.11.2009 20:23
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03.11.2009 13:16

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Stopped Studying Process for Three Weeks

For the reason of preventing the flu epidemic in Ukraine the Ministry of Education and Science stopped the studying process in all educational establishments for three weeks beginning from October 30th. The special Ministry order was passed. All mass cultural, educational and sport gatherings are cancelled.
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02.11.2009 13:05

New and Ex Graduate Students Grand Meeting

The new post graduate students and aspirantura and doctorantura graduated received their acknowledgements.
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30.10.2009 10:33

New Terms and Conditions High Educational Establishments Entry

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine passed new terms and conditions of the high educational establishments entry. For being an applicant to the high educational establishment of the 3rd or 4th level of accreditation one needs two instead of three certificates of the External Independent Evaluation.
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29.10.2009 10:12

ZNU Joined Jurists Preparation System Reforming

Dean of the Law Department of ZNU Tetiana Kolomoets participated in the All-Ukrainian Conference devoted to the reforming of the preparation system of the jurists. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
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29.10.2009 10:10

ZNU Professors Care about Enhancing of Zaporizhzhya Teachers Qualification

It’s the third time the methodical seminar-practicum for the teacher of the foreign languages is taking place at the Department of Foreign Languages.
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29.10.2009 10:02
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