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With Victory to Victory Day!

The basketball team of ZNU won the Basketball Championship devoted to the 66th anniversary of the Great Victory.
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10.05.2011 18:47

ZNU Young Scientists Council's Vice Head and Secretary Elected

On May 10 there was the regular meeting of the Young Scientists Council in ZNU. The organization's Vice Head and Secretary were elected there.
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10.05.2011 18:41

Honored Meeting Near Monument to Ataman Yosyp Gladkyi in ZNU

On May 9 in Zaporizhzhya National University there was the meeting devoted to the 66th anniversary of the Great Victory and the 183rd anniversary of withdrawal of the troops of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks from Turkey into Ukraine. The representatives of ZNU, religious groups and local NGOs gathered near the monument to the last ataman Yosyp Gladkyi.
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10.05.2011 18:32

Happy Victory Day!

Dear teachers, students, faculty and staff of Zaporizhzhya National University!
Congratulations on The Great Victory Anniversary!
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06.05.2011 19:35

ZNU Celebrated Victory Day

Traditionally the faculty and students of the Zaporizhzhya National University gathered to celebrate the Victory Day near the Memorial to Teachers and Students Fell in the World War II. Later the honored meeting took place near the Monument to the tank equipage of the USSR Hero M. Yatsenko. The veterans, city authorities, students and teachers gathered here to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the Great Victory.
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06.05.2011 19:23

«The Blue Bird» Instead of Exam

It's the third year in a row when the Department of the Foreign Philology stages the plays by the foreign writers. The students show their own view of the studied material. This untraditional form of examination lets students not only to show their knowledge, but also is very interesting for them and their teachers.
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06.05.2011 18:58

For Young Science-2011 Conference Participants

On April 28 there was presented the first volume of the Collected Papers of the 4th University Scientific and Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists Young Science-2011, devoted to the 5th anniversary of the ZNU Scientific Society of Students and Graduates.
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06.05.2011 18:43

New Excursion Routes Created in ZNU

A new excursion for the students of the ZNU Business Education Center majoring in "Local Geography: Excursion and Touristic Activities" took place on May 5. It was organized by BEC and its supervisor Gennadiy Vasylchuk. The Center's alumni, the representatives of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast State Administration's departments of culture and tourism, the guests from Saint Petersburg, Horlivka, Yalta, international students of ZNU also joined the excursion.
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06.05.2011 18:24

Candidate Dissertation Defending in ZNU

Today the first meeting of the Special Scientific Council К 17. 051. 07 occurred for the first time at the Law Department of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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05.05.2011 20:20

ZNU Rector's Open Cup in KVN

On April 28th in the ZNU's 2nd building there was the final game of the ZNU Rector's Cup in KVN. Such teams played the game: "Prussia Collected Team" (ZNU alumni), "Three Musketeers" (Zaporizhzhya National Technical University), «Second Hand» (Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Informational Technologies), «Chocolate» (ZNTU), «Upyatochki» (joined team of the Departments of Journalism and Philology). The students from different universities came to support their favorite teams.
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05.05.2011 17:14
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