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ELC students visited the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

November 18 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU was held a meeting of 1st year students of specialty "Social Pedagogics" and of 1st year students of Economics and Law College of ZNU who are studying by the specialty "Social Pedagogics".
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20.11.2014 09:16

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages Cinema Club resumed its work under the guidance of the lecturer from France, Jean-Luc Issle

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages Cinema Club resumed its work under the guidance of the lecturer of the Department of Romance Philology and Translation Jean-Luc Issle. In the regular meeting also took part trainee of the University of Maine (Le Mans, France) Kevin Dubois and teachers of both Departments where French is taught - Department of Romance Philology and Translation, in particular, its assistant Nadiia Povalikhina, and the Department of second foreign language of ZNU.
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19.11.2014 16:16

ZNU provides financial support to students and scholars

Priority management of Zaporizhzhya National University is social protection of students and support of young scientists. Financial assistance is the extraordinary incentive for high-quality, hard work and training students and industrial achievements and growth of intellectual potential of our university.
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19.11.2014 16:15

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages was held a literary evening dedicated to the works of Nobel Laureate Patrick Modiano

In ZNU was held a literary matinee, dedicated to prose of oblivion or master memories and subtle psychologist Nobel Prize for Literature 2014 - Patrick Modiano. Its prepared 4th year students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages led by associate professor of the Department of German Philology and Translation Valentyna Botner.
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19.11.2014 13:13

Law Faculty students met with the employees of the Main Department of Justice in Zaporizhzhya region and Zaporizhzhya City Department of Justice

Traditionally, an active cooperation of the Faculty of Law with Zaporizhzhya regional justice institutions not only in the period of practical training and summer students, but also during the whole year - thematic meetings, scientific events, legal career days, workshops, on-site practical training etc.
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19.11.2014 13:11

Masters of the Faculty of Economics of ZNU visited JSC "ZTR"

November 17 economics students once again studied industrial potential of the region - they visited the factory "ZTR". Masters visited 1 and 2 workshops, reading the full production cycle of high-voltage equipment. The event was organized by Ph.D., associate professor Oleksandr Cherep.
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19.11.2014 09:38

ZNU Journalists-TV reporters - in the three of the best!

Students of the TV project "Universe-ZNU", prepared on the basis of educational laboratory of TV journalism of the Faculty of Journalism, won a convincing bronze in the category "Informational TV program" at the All-Ukrainian Festival of TV and radio programs.
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19.11.2014 09:36

In ZNU determined winners of the contest "Let us introduce ourselves, 1st year!"

November 17, to the International Students' Day in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a gala concert of the contest "Let us introduce ourselves, 1st year!". It was a welcome feast for freshmen who wished to find out who won an intense four-day contest, and for their senior colleagues who attended the ceremony to support first-year students, and see performances by emerging talent of our university. By the way, the organizers of the event - ZNU members of the Cultural Center, called the concert "Birthday of Stars". During the festival rewarded not only the most talented young artists of our university, but also those who won the faculty and university stages of the contest "Student of the Year".
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18.11.2014 15:26

ZNU and University of Maine (France) extends the scopes of cooperation

November 18 to Zaporizhzhya National University with official working visit came honorary professor, honorary director of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Maine (Le Mans, France) to sign an agreement on further cooperation with our university.
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18.11.2014 14:33

Dean of the FSSA Maksym Lepskyi took part in the 6th Black Sea International Symposium

In early November at the Giresun University (Turkey) was held the 6th Black Sea International Symposium on strategic relations of which are located around the Black and Caspian Seas. Participating in the event were ambassadors, statesmen, scholars and leaders of higher education institutions in Germany, Austria, Poland, USA, Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia, Romania, Russia and so on. One of the participants of the Symposium was the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration of ZNU, professor Maksym Lepskyi. Maksym Lepskyi was appointed as the moderator of a section of international meetings and presented a report "Cross-border relations strategy".
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18.11.2014 14:30
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