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Roses from the Faculty of Law – for Zaporizhzhya National University

Teachers and students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU considered that the the University was not only a place of work or study, but it is their second home So that, they making a great efforts to equip and decorate the student place. In particular, a lot of attention they pay to care for native flower bed near their educational building № 5. In this year theу set 500 rose bushes of different varieties. However, they are not only going to contribute to the further improvement of the territory of our university, but also help in this regional clinical children's hospital and a nearby preschool educational institution.
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26.05.2015 11:36

Students of ZNU – among the winners of All Ukrainian Olympiad in Law Sciences

From April 20 to April 22 on the basis of Vasyl Stefanyk National Precarpathian University held the 2nd stage of All-Ukrainian Students Olympiad in Law Sciences. In the contest took part 74 persons from 53 Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine. Among the participants were representatives of the Faculty of Law of ZNU, the 4th year student Dmytro Kalnysh, Mykhailo Shevchenko, Ivan Shumeiko.
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24.04.2015 09:56

Law Faculty students presented their drafts on Europe Day and Environmental Day

On April 15 at the Faculty of Law of ZNU held a workshop with the 2nd year students, during which future lawyers actively investigated regulatory issues and promotion of Europe Day in Zaporizhzhya and discussed projects of their own copyrights on cleaning "The Oak Grove" to the Environmental Day.
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16.04.2015 11:46

At the Law Faculty reviewed Ukraine's place in contemporary globalization processes

On April 15 on the basis of the Law Faculty held a roundtable discussion on "Ukraine's place in the globalization process". In the discussion took an active part 3rd-4th years students and graduate students. The moderators of this event was Dean of the Law Faculty, LL.D., Professor Tetiana Kolomoiets.
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16.04.2015 09:30

At the Faculty of Law conducted a business game

On April 14 at the Law Faculty among second-year students held business game in constitutional law of Ukraine, devoted to modeling the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The event initiated Head of the Department of Constitutional and Labor Law Anna Zhuravliova and second-year student Oleksiy Kalenov.
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16.04.2015 09:27

At the Law Faculty discussed responsibility of civil servants

April 15 at the Faculty of Law held a roundtable on "Responsibility of Civil Servants under the Laws of Ukraine and the EU". The event organized by Dean of the Law Faculty, LL.D., Professor Tetiana Kolomoiets.
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15.04.2015 16:20

Lawyers of ZNU discussed the regulation of the support services

On April 15 at the Faculty of Law of ZNU held a roundtable on "Support Service and its Regulation". Students of the fourth and fifth year law faculty this time the theme of the meeting and discussion questions chosen clarify the legal status of the support service as one of the varieties of public service in Ukraine.
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15.04.2015 15:30

At the Faculty of Law discussed the problems of retirement insurance reform in Ukraine

April 10 at the Law Faculty was held a roundtable discussion on "Actual Problems of Retirement Insurance Reform in Ukraine" with the teacher of Constitutional and Labour Law Department, PhD in Law, Associate Professor Nataliya Verlos and 4th year students.
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14.04.2015 10:01

Law students practiced in the conduct of investigative actions

April 9, at the Faculty of Law of ZNU in the study of the subject "Criminal proceedings" the3rd year students with the help of teachers of the Department of Criminal Law and Justice organized the business game on "Presentation for identification as investigative (detective) action. Features of procedural carrying order".
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09.04.2015 11:07

At the Faculty of Law have reviewed the question of application of customs legislation in Ukraine

April 8, on the basis of the Faculty of Law of ZNU held business meeting on the subject "Application of customs legislation in Ukraine: realities of today". It was attended by honored guest of the Faculty of Law of ZNU, professor and member - of the Academy Law Sciences of Ukraine Vasyl Nastiuk, Dean of the Faculty of Law of ZNU, professor Tetiana Kolomoiets and Deputy Dean декана of Scientific work Pavlo Liutikov, and senior students of the faculty.
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09.04.2015 11:01
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