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Lawyers of ZNU won in intellectual competitions in criminal right

In Zaporizhzhya national university passed the 2-nd annual intellectual competitions in criminal right, dedicated to the Day of law faculty of ZNU, organized by Zaporizhzhya Centre of Leagues of students of Association of lawyers of Ukraine and by the law faculty.
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19.10.2007 16:38
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18.10.2007 16:37

Journalism classes in Poland

A good tradition at the faculty of journalism is active participation in international projects. In the list of countries-partners one of first places takes Republic Poland. Recently 5 students-journalists visited professional classes, held there. One of those students became the representative of ZNU Katerina Siriniok-Dolgariova.
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18.10.2007 16:36

October 11-12 - Conference dedicated to history of cossaks

The International scientific-practical conference «Modern problems of investigation of history of Zaporizhzhya cossaks» gathered in the walls of Zaporizhzhya national university near 150 specialists in this field from leading universities of Ukraine and Russia.
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15.10.2007 16:33

Tetyana Kolomoets was recognized a Deserved attorney-at-law of Ukraine

By the President's decree from 4 October 2007 "About honoring attorney-at-laws with the state awards of Ukraine" the dean of the law faculty, the Doctor of Law, professor Tetyana Kolomoets conferred the rank of Deserved attorney-at-law of Ukraine for the great personal contribution into the realization of state-legal policy, stabilization of legality, law and order, high professionalism in protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens.
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12.10.2007 16:32

The day of liberation of Zaporizhzya

Dear lecturers, students and co-workers of Zaporizhzhya national university! We congratulate you on the occasion of 64-th anniversary of liberation of Zaporizhzhya! Today we express gratitude and respect to all, who struggled for victory in cruel battles, who worked in rear with self-sacrifice, and also low our heads before sacred memory of those who were killed.
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12.10.2007 16:31

“Engine of love” in ZNU

“The left bank” – that was the name of a tour of Sergij Zhadan, Iuriy Andrukhovich and Liubko Deresh, modern cult Ukrainian authors by the large cities of Eastern Ukraine: Sumy, Poltava, Dnipropetrovs’k, Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk, Lugansk.
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10.10.2007 16:29

Yakiv Novitsky Society presented a new edition of his works

On October 9 the members of Novitsky Society presented the new edition of works by this historian and public figure – two volumes of his notes, historic and national songs and other important and interesting data which were gathered by the investigator of Zaporizhzya region.
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10.10.2007 16:28

Lawyers of ZNU celebrated professional holiday

On monday celebration of the Day of lawyer was held in our University.
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09.10.2007 10:03

In ZNU celebrated 70-annual jubilee of well-known scientist and journalist Vitaliy Shevchenko

On the journalism faculty conducted the solemn session of the Taught Council of the faculty, dedicated to the 70-annual jubilee of the head of the chair of theory of literature and journalism, professor Vitaliy Fedorovich Shevchenko.
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09.10.2007 10:02
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