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Physical Department Students Are Interested in Alternative Energy Sources

The Department of Physics freshmen, sophomores, and juniors visited the 7th Specialized Exhibition Energy 2010, and the 3rd Specialized Exhibition Ecotechnologies. Alternative Energy. The exhibitions were organized the Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, and the Ministry of the Environment of Ukraine.
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12.11.2010 15:45

New Victories of Department of Physical Education

The athletes of the Department of Physical Education from the joined ZNU team continue to win the best places at the most important contests. At the competition among the higher educational establishments in Lutsk our students won the golden and silver medals, and at the Tae Kwon Do Teams European Championship in Baku (Azerbaijan) they won the third place.
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11.11.2010 17:39

ZNU Negotiates Cooperation with Swedish University

The representatives of the Swedish delegation from the Skovde University, the heads of the Department of Preparation of the Pre-School Teachers Eva Dalgren and Marianna Lord visited ZNU. The aim of their visit was negotiating about cooperation with our university.
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11.11.2010 17:29

ZNU Will Cooperate with Tyumen State University

On November 10th the Rector of Tyumen State University (Russian Federation) Gennadiy Chobotaryov visited ZNU.
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10.11.2010 19:19

The Problems of the Regional Companies Activities Were Discussed at Management Department

The Department of Management Week began with the music break. The scientific round table discussion followed the special activities. The event was devoted to the discussion of the actual problems of the Zaporizhzhya regional companies’ external economic activities. The ZNU students and alumni and the ZNTU post-graduate students participated in the round table.
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10.11.2010 15:09

Finland Ambassador Gave Lecture to ZNU Students

On November 9th the Ambassador of Finland in Ukraine Christer Michelsson visited ZNU. He met the university administration and gave the lecture to the students entitled Political and Economical Cooperation between Finland, EU and Ukraine.
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09.11.2010 15:22

The Week of the Department of Physical Education Started

On November 8th within the celebration of the Week of the Department of Physical Education the 1,5-hours "Fitness Marathon" was held. Around 200 students and teachers of ZNU and other universities were doing fitness exercises simultaneously. The participants had the possibility to take master classes in basic aerobics, funk (or hip-hop), zumba, relax-stretching.
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08.11.2010 15:13

The officers of the Administration of the State Department of Penitentiary of Ukraine Enhance Their Qualification in ZNU

The master-classes The Optimization of the Personnel Management System for the top management staff of the Administration of the State Department of Penitentiary of Ukraine have started in the Center of the Business Education of ZNU. The classes will last till December 4th, two days per week, 18 hours total.
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07.11.2010 15:02

KVN Season Started in ZNU

On November 3rd the first KVN game for the Rector's Cup was played in Zaporizhzhya National University. Its organizer is the Center of Educational and Cultural Work of ZNU. 15 teams total from ZNU, ZNTU, ZSIA, and ZEIT participates in the open festival.
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05.11.2010 14:53

Seminar by Cambridge University Press Lecturer in ZNU

Supported by the Cambridge University Press publishing house the lecturer of the East Europe counties lecturer Jim Callahas gave a practical seminar entitled as Interactive Methods of Teaching English Language aimed to the teachers of the secondary schools and universities.
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04.11.2010 19:58
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