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Students of the Economics and Law College participated in the festival of word and song “Tarasova Krynytsa”

On 16th of March took place the festival of “Tarasova Krynytsa” in the Economics and Law College of ZNU, which was devoted to 199th anniversary of T.G. Shevchenko birth. The organizers invited pupils of schools and gymnasiums, students of colleges and universities to participation in event. Among participants of the festival were also representatives of the Economics and Law College of ZNU under the leadership of the lecturer of ELC – Anna Dmytrenko. 

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20.03.2013 14:58

The conference of Rectorate and Student government in ZNU

Today took place the working meeting of the rector of ZNU –Mykola Frolov together with the representatives of Educational work Department and Student government of university. During the meeting were discussed the topical issues of educational and out-of-class work with students, and plans on construction repair work this year.

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20.03.2013 14:34

In the Economics and Law College of ZNU took place the meeting of physical training, sports and tourism section

On 19th of March took place the next new meeting In the Economics and Law College of ZNU within the V scientific and practical conference "Young science-2013". The section of physical training, sports and tourism headed by the lecturer of the highest category in the field of tourism Olena Prylypko.

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20.03.2013 10:32

In Economics and Law College Students meeting Section of Natural Sciences

Yesterday in the V Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Science-2013", held at College of Economics and Law Students, meeting Section science. The section headed teacher of the highest category of biology and chemistry Olga Uchuyeva.
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19.03.2013 10:48

Scientists Students participated in the ministerial meeting on the evaluation of the teaching staff

March 14 delegation of scientists Zaporizhzhya National University, led by chief of research of our university Victoria Menyaylo participated in the seminar on improving attestation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff, which was held at the Donetsk State University of Management.
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19.03.2013 10:39

Representatives Students took part in the presentation of urban social competition "We are a city"

March 18 in PC "steel" presentation competition "We - the city" on the best social projects of public and municipal enterprises and organizations and residents. The event attended by representatives of the local administration, NGOs and universities in our city. Zaporizhzhya National University, the competition presented the first rector Alexander Bondar and 40 law students.
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19.03.2013 10:09

Law students participated in the national competition of scientific works of jurisprudence

From 14 to 16 March in Lutsk was the second competition of student works of jurisprudence. Participation in the competition was over a hundred students from various regions of Ukraine. Our university was represented at the competition fifth-year student Anton Fomin, second-year student Dmitry Kalnysh and John Shumeyko. Supervisor - Doctor of Law, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law Tatiana Kolomoyets. Students accompanied by lecturers Iya cuckoo.
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19.03.2013 09:43

Law Students Students celebrated Pancake

March 15, at the end of the week Pancake, student council Law School Students organized a holiday for students and teachers. Second floor Fifth Corps News became the venue for the celebration. The event was organized with the support of Dean of the Faculty of Law Tatiana Kolomoets and senior lecturer Nikolai Martynov. And immediately prepared his students of the Faculty of courses and KVN team Faculty of Law "3.4-2".
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19.03.2013 09:35

Postgraduate and doctoral welcomes LYASHOVA Nazar M. successful defense of the dissertation!

Protection was held March 15, 2013, specialty 10.01.01 - Ukrainian literature, supervisor - Shevchenko VF We wish you good health, happiness, inspiration and new achievements in work and scientific research.
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18.03.2013 16:43

Division aspyranturы and doktoranturы congratulates Yulyyu Vladymyrovna affectionate with uspeshnoy zaschytoy kandydatskoy OI!

The defense took place March 15, 2013, specialty 10.01.01 - Ukrainian literature, scientific adviser - Stadnichenko AA
Good health, aging, new professional heights of happiness and family comfort!
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18.03.2013 16:23
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