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Musical Break Dedicated to Mother's Day by ZNU Faculty of Law

Today, the musical break dedicated to the International Mother's Day took place near the 5-th Academic building. ZNU Student Council of the Faculty of Law activists with the support of ZNU Center for Cultural Work decided to remind our students and university's stuff about this popular holiday in many countries.
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13.05.2013 12:42

Law students created their own flower bed

Faculty of Law, began the construction of a new flower beds around the school body ZNU V. The event was initiated senior lecturer in constitutional and labor law, the coordinator of student government faculty Nikolai Martynov and students of the law faculty of law fakulteta.Studenty create their own flower bed.

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30.04.2013 11:55

ZNU Students of the Law Faculty Continuing the Vocational Work with High School Pupils in Cities' Schools

Over the past two months, representatives of the Faculty of Law Students spent a great job with career counseling among high school students and graduates. This work was covered by 98 secondary schools and gymnasiums Zaporozhye.
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30.04.2013 10:39

Students of ZNU Faculty of Law Presented the holiday to children

April 26 law students visited the inmates of the rehabilitation center "Source" for which prepared the gifts and entertainment.
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29.04.2013 15:41

Representatives of ZNU Faculty of Law participated in the discussion of the concept of local government reform

April 25 Zaporizhzhya Regional Council meeting of the working group on elaboration of proposals to the concept of local government reform and territorial organization of power in Ukraine and regional programs of local government in the Zaporozhye region.
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27.04.2013 09:48

Representatives of the Faculty of Law discussed the ways to improve higher legal education in Ukraine

April 25-26 in Kharkiv at the National University "Law Academy of Ukraine. Yaroslav the Wise, "the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Ukrainian Legal Foundation, OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine and USAID« Ukraine: True Justice "as part of" True Justice "held a conference on" Improving legal education in Ukraine: basic approaches. "Participating in the meeting were representatives of our University - Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor Tatiana Kolomoets, head of the forensic laboratory study and associate professor Paul Shaldyrvan Anna layer.
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26.04.2013 15:28

Law faculty gave a master class on administrative law

April 23 at ZNU law department passed a master class for Master's degree students with invited guest — the Cand.Sc, associate professor, the head of the department of economic and legal disciplines of National University of the State Tax Service of Ukraine of Tatyana Matselik.

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23.04.2013 16:48

At law faculty were discussed important problems of administrative law

April 23 on the basis of law faculty scientific meetings were held. Leading specialist in administrative law took part in round-table meeting.

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23.04.2013 15:19

Professional training future lawyers with participating specialists in the field of law

22 on April at the Faculty of law of Zaporizhzhya National University at the invitation of Dean of the Faculty Tatiana Kolomoets visiting specialists-lawyers: Associate Professor of Constitutional and Labour Law Ruslan Sinyelnyk and Ph.D., associate professor, head of criminal subjects "Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine" Dmitry Lukyanets.

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22.04.2013 15:53

Students of the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University participated in the National Olympiad in law

From 16 to 19 April in Kharkiv National University "Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav Mudriy" was the second Ukrainian Olympiad in discipline "law". Zaporizhzhya National University was represented by a law student Elena Pryladysheva Dmitry Kalnush and Ivan Shumeyko.

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22.04.2013 15:04
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