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Students of the Faculties of Law and History held a work day of accomplishment of the territory of ZNU

26 April students of the Faculties of History and Law of ZNU chaired by a assistant professor of the Department of the Constitutional and Labor Law Mykola Martynov held a work day of accomplishment of territory near the 5th academic building.
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30.04.2014 13:24

In the section "Historical Science" of the conference "Young Science 2014" was attended by over 100 people

April 8-9 at the Faculty of Economics of ZNU, the work of the section "Historical science" the university Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Science 2014". A total of five thematic sessions of this section attended 106 people, including - 29 teachers, 55 students, 11 graduate students, 10 students of the College of Economics and Law of ZNU and 1 pupil of multi-lyceum № 99.
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14.04.2014 09:53

Students historians of ZNU investigate political jokes of twentieth century

At the initiative of members of the Faculty of History SCSP of ZNU April 2 was held round table meeting on "Joke as a historical source". The event was timed to coincide with the World Day of laughter. The initiator of the meeting was 3rd year student Oleksandr Skrypka that actively explores issues of political jokes as social and cultural phenomena in his scientific exploration.
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04.04.2014 10:47

At the Faculty of History launched a new tradition

March 28, in the World Day of the historian, the representatives of the Faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University staged a festive break for teachers and students of the Faculty. Organizers of the solemn event - activists of the Students' Council of the Faculty - took care of the festive mood of their friends and colleagues.
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31.03.2014 11:26

At the Faculty of History continues to work "Discussion club"

Creating a "Discussion club" on the basis of the Faculty of History of ZNU was motivated by a desire and need for vocational students learn to ask questions, technical support one's opinion, skillfully debate, share their experiences and ideas on various matters of historical, political, socio-cultural, natural and other sectors of human society.
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31.03.2014 10:56

The artistic heritage of the Great Poet through the prism of historical scholarship

March 5 representatives of Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates of the Faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University organized a roundtable on "I am tormented, I suffer, but I do not repent", to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko.
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05.03.2014 16:29

Students of the Faculty of History commemorates the heroes of Heavenly hundred

February 24th students the Faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University honored the memory of those killed in Kiev, Heavenly hundred of the Maidan (Independence Square).
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25.02.2014 12:56

Valentine's Day at the Faculty of History!

On Valentine's Day at the Faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University took place celebration.
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17.02.2014 09:56

Students of the Faculty of History investigated a fashion history during World War I

Round table students' discussoin - members of the Faculty of History of SCSP, which took place on 11 February, was devoted to an interesting topic - "Fashion of the First World War as a socio-cultural phenomenon". The initiator of the event was the 3rd year student Yuliya Hlushko, who is engaged in research work on the topic of fashion post-war period.
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12.02.2014 10:21

The international conference participants on the history discussed the causes and impact of World War I on the development of countries in the beginning of XXI century.

6 February in ZNU started two days International Scientific Conference "Global political and military conflict in the twentieth century: global and regional dimension (up to 100 anniversary of the First World War)".
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06.02.2014 15:23
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