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ZNU Faculty of Biology hosted the contest "The best expert on ecology"

April 26 in the Biology Department ZNU, a traditional competition of student works for the title "Best expert on the environment." The competition is traditionally held in two rounds: the theory and the protection of young research scientists.

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27.04.2013 10:49

Charity Music Break by ZNU Faculty of Biology

April 19, the charity musical break during which there was a fundraiser for the treatment of 1st year students specialty "Ecology" Alexander Boyko.
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25.04.2013 15:33

Specialist of "Zaporizhstal" told biologist about environmental protection measures

Yesterday at biological faculty was the meeting of Inna Holina (chief of Laboratory of environmental protection of JSC Zaporizhstal) with authorities, employees and students of faculty. The subject of lecture was "Implementation of the environmental legislation by the enterprises of all forms of ownership" and acquainted participants with environmental protection measures that their iron and steel works carries out according to the international requirements.

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25.04.2013 10:28

At the Faculty of Biology of Zaporizhzhya National University continued conservation action

Members of the scientific community and postgraduate students of Faculty of Biology of Zaporizhzhya National University organized a campaign to collect waste paper. 

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17.04.2013 09:47

In Zaporizhzhya National University, at the conference "Young Science-2013", held meeting of the section "Biological sciences"

In Zaporizhzhya National University as part of the VI Scientific Conference of students and young scientists "Young Science-2013" held meeting of the section "Biological sciences". In this paper, five thematic subsections attended not only students and teachers of Department of Biology, but also invited special guests. Among them are the representatives of the Scientific Society of gifted learners 'Young University. "

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15.04.2013 17:43

Music break for World Health Day

Every year on April 7 people throughout the world celebrate World Health Day aims to draw attention to the problems of human health and protection. The students of biological faculty also decided to maintain the tradition and organized a musical break dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.
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08.04.2013 13:25

ZNU Biology Faculty discussed the ways to solve environmental problems in Zaporozhye

April 4 on the basis of the Faculty of Biology of Zaporizhzhya National University held «Ecoconference» - conference devoted to raising awareness of ecological problems of the region and ways to overcome them. The event was part of the national project «Green Rush» of the International Youth volunteer organization AIESEC. The event was organized by representatives of the Scientific Society of undergraduate and postgraduate students of biological faculty ZNU and social organization, "Active-Z»; partners - Zaporizhzhya National University and social project, "We - a city" of JSC "Zaporizhstal».

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05.04.2013 12:31

The biological faculty of ZNU celebrated the 26 anniversary

April 1 is a Fools' Day, and for students biologists it is also Day of biological faculty.
This year faculty celebrated the 26 anniversary. The holiday passed under the slogan "2+6 = ∞". Water is a living base, that’s why students of biological faculty traveled by 26 seas.

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05.04.2013 09:40

Students of ZNU biological faculty were honored at All-Ukrainian competition of student`s scientific works

Works of three students of biological faculty were honored at All-Ukrainian competition of student`s scientific works on the “Ecology and Ecological Safety” which took place on the basis of Donetsk national technical university. 

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01.04.2013 14:54

Master of Biology Faculty News won the Ukrainian competition of student research papers by Sector "Chemical Sciences"

Master specialty "Chemistry" biological faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University Alina Highlands back with a victory from Donetsk National University. It is on the basis of this university took the final scientific conference second round of the Ukrainian student research by industry "Chemical Sciences".
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28.03.2013 10:15
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