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Independent Sociological Researches of ZNU in Country and World

The Center of the Independent Sociological Researches is one of the newest structural departments of ZNU. The actual problems researching were the reason of its creating. It works on the consulting services using the sociological research in social, political, economical, and other fields of public life.
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10.08.2011 18:27

Law Students Visited Eight EU Countries

Within the program of the academic mobility and strengthening the international relations the Law Department of ZNU introduced the series of the studying visits of the students to the European countries. It is supported by the Center of the International Law (Odessa). From July 21 to August 1 2011 the students majoring in Law lead by the Vice Dean in International Relations of the law Department Mykhailo Vikhlyaev were on the tour in eight European countries: Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.
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10.08.2011 18:09

ZNU Biologists Finished Summer Internship

The students of the Biological Department have their academic summer internships each year during their studying. It is one of the forms of the special preparation, which helps to deepen the theoretical knowledge.
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03.08.2011 13:24

Zaporizhzhya National University Is in Top-20 Searched Universities

The Google company analyzed the searching requests of the Internet users - the university applicants and formed the Top-20 list of the most searched and wanted universities.
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27.07.2011 18:52

ZNU Master Second Year in Du Main

It's the first time in the history of the Biological Department Natalia Dudareva got the possibility to study in the Du Main University (France) at the Double Diploma Program.
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27.07.2011 18:38

Best Conditions For Future Students - in ZNU

The entering campaign lasts in ZNU. The Admission Department officers headed by Iryna Bakalenko do their best to make it the most convenient for the applicants to apply for studying in ZNU. They give the maximum of the useful information and care about every applicant.
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27.07.2011 17:58

Congratulations on Constitution Day!

Congratulations to the teachers, students, and the faculty staff of Zaporizhzhya National University on the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

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28.06.2011 14:48

Constitution of Independent Ukraine Is 15!

On June 28th Ukraine celebrates the important date in the state life - the 15th anniversary of its constitution adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. It states the basics of the state politics aimed at approving the main human freedoms and rights. It is the basics for the building of the independent democratic social state ruled by the law.
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28.06.2011 14:27

Exhibition devoted to 80th Anniversary of Vitaliy Rusanivskiy

In the Scientific Library of ZNU there was the exhibition devoted to the creative activities of the Ukrainian scientist, philologist, linguist, teacher and researcher of the Slavic culture Vuitaliy Makarovych Rusanivskiy (1931–2007).
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24.06.2011 19:21
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