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At the Faculty of Economics was held a business game contest "Automation of business processes in the economy"

Other innovative technologies at the Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University while studying and using business games. So, for the third consecutive year was held a business game contest "Automation of business processes in the economy," which was developed by representatives of the Department of Economic Cybernetics (Head - professor Nataliia Maksyshko) supported by 1C: Franchising LLC «Prokom» (Director - Serhiy Butenko).
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14.04.2014 11:28

ZNU representatives participated in the Regional Charity Festival "Harmony of Hearts 2014"

April 12 in the concert hall named after Mykola Glinka of Zaporizhzhya Regional Philharmonic was held the Second Regional Charity Festival "Harmony of Hearts 2014". Participating in the event were representatives from Juvenile Services of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration and the volunteer group «AngelS» (Zaporizhzhya), with the active support of the staff of the Cultural Center of Zaporizhzhya National University, headed by its leader Yuliia Yanko.
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14.04.2014 11:09

Law Faculty students of ZNU continued legal education activities

On Saturday, April 11, students and listeners of magistracy of the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University visited another kindergarten № 235 Zaporizhzhya city for the purpose of legal education activities.
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14.04.2014 10:56

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​has launched a new project

April 10-11 Faculty of Foreign Languages visited high school students Zaporizhzhya specialized school with advanced study of foreign language № 7 with teachers of foreign languages ​​Lyusine Shahvazyan and Nataliia Bondarenko.
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14.04.2014 10:53

ZNU students visited the International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights

April 13 at the arts center "Art Plenty" (Palace of Culture named after Kirov) in the information campaign "Building a Europe in Ukraine" took the documentary film "Town Yabuki" dedicated to 28 anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Event was organized by the European Union to Ukraine together with the International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights «Docudays UA».
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14.04.2014 10:49

Law Faculty student Mykyta Zhukov - among the winners of the All-Ukrainian Students' Olympiad on Ukrainian language

In early April, in Kharkiv National Pedagogical University was held a second round of All-Ukrainian Students' Olympiad on Ukrainian language. Competitions brought together over 50 participants from different cities of Ukraine. In particular, Zaporizhzhya National University presented 2nd year student of the Faculty of Law faculty Mykyta Zhukov.
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14.04.2014 10:42

Final of students' athletic "What? Where? When?" - in ZNU

April 12 on the basis of Zaporizhzhya National University was held the final championship on "What? Where? When?" among students. Organized by the Cultural Center of ZNU and KE "Zaporizhzhya regional center of youth".
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14.04.2014 10:02

In the section "Historical Science" of the conference "Young Science 2014" was attended by over 100 people

April 8-9 at the Faculty of Economics of ZNU, the work of the section "Historical science" the university Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Science 2014". A total of five thematic sessions of this section attended 106 people, including - 29 teachers, 55 students, 11 graduate students, 10 students of the College of Economics and Law of ZNU and 1 pupil of multi-lyceum № 99.
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14.04.2014 09:53

Young scientists of the Faculty of Physics of ZNU held evening of astronomy

April 12 at Physical Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University, an evening of astronomy. Fans gathered at the science educational workshop, dedicated to the World Cosmonautics Day: on this day in 1961 astronaut Yuri Gagarin in spacecraft "Vostok" made ​​the world's first orbital circled the Earth, opening the era of manned space flight.
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14.04.2014 09:50

Representatives of the Faculty of Economics participated in the All-Ukrainian Olympiad of Banking

In the second stage of All-Ukrainian Students' Olympiad on specialty "Finances and Credit" / specialty "Banking", which was held April 10-11 at the Kharkiv Institute of Banking University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, attended a master student of the Faculty of Economics Yulia Kosharna and Andrii Popov. As the jury, was Deputy Dean for Research of the Faculty of Economics Andrii Lynenko.
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14.04.2014 09:06
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