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'3, 4, 2' team of the Law Faculty is a winner in the Academic League 2013

On February 23 the final competition of KVK (Club of Cheerful and Sharp-witted) of the third Academic League took place in Orbita Palace of Culture. There were 7 teams: “3, 4, 2” (the Law Faculty of ZNU), “A bald-head got angry” (ZNTU), “A centimeter of happiness” (ZNTU), “For you” (Zaporizhzhya), “For God’s sake” (Melitopol), “Half-meter shared by three” (ZAK) and “Gagarin” (ZNTU).

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25.02.2013 10:26

Quiz on Constitutional Law by the Law Faculty

On February 22 the Law Faculty, ZNU gave ‘Brain Ring’ quiz. The questions of the intellectual competition concerned the sphere of Constitutional Law. The event was organized by the Dean of the Law Faculty Tetyana Kolomoets and the lecturers Nataliya Brovchenko and Mykola Martynov.

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25.02.2013 09:34

Discussion on ‘The guarantees securing rights and freedoms’ held at the Faculty of Law

On Friday, February 22, the Faculty of Law of ZNU hosted a public meeting. The discussion was about the guarantees of use and application of rights and freedoms in Ukraine. The students of the second year took part in the event that was organized by the lecturer of the faculty Mykola Martynov.

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25.02.2013 09:22

Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day!

February 23 - the significant date, not only for those who have dedicated their lives to the high military duty, but for the entire Ukrainian people, which honors veterans of the Great Patriotic War and their descendants in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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22.02.2013 11:17

Implementation of Multimedia Resources at the Faculty of Foreign Philology

February 21, PhD, lecturer of ZNU Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes Anastasia Belyaeva held the workshop on "Usage of Multimedia Posters During the Studing of Foreign Language in Higher Educational Institutions.
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22.02.2013 11:16

ZNU Faculty of Philology Celebrated International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is an observance held annually on 21 February worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. Traditionally this day is festive for Zaporizhzhya National University too. This year celebration was held under the slogan "Indifferent to Mother Language Man is Similar to Savage".
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22.02.2013 10:43

15 ZNU Students Participated in the Third Phase of Zavtra.UA Scholarship Program

The participants of the Scholarship Program “Zavtra.UA” third stage were announced. 1775 contest works were checked by the experts in the second stage. 654 students from the universities all over Ukraine were admitted to participate in the third round, 15 of them - ZNU students.
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22.02.2013 10:07

Students of the Faculty of Journalism to talk with the ‘Svitlozir’ Charity Fund Head Tetyana Kamins’ka

On February 18 the second-year students of the Faculty of Journalism had a meeting with Tetyana Kamins’ka - the Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Charity Fund ‘Svitlozir’.

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22.02.2013 09:50

ZNU Specialists Conducted Seminar on Issues of Working with Deviant Teenagers for Psychologists and Social Workers of Zaporizhzhya

According to the approved events' plan of MONmolodsport of Ukraine dated 03.08.2012 on crime prevention among children and youth for the period up to 2015 and the relevant resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 30.11.2011 № 1209 "On approval of the concept of public policy in crime prevention for the period until 2015 ", Zaporizhzhya National University, Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology with the Department of Education, Science Youth and Sports of Ukraine of Zaporizhzhya City Council held the scientific seminar on social and psychological problems of working with deviant teenagers for psychologists and social workers of the city.
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21.02.2013 16:48

ZNU Faculty of Biology Conducted the Master Class for Teachers

Today the regular workshop for teachers of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums of Zaporizhzhya region has taken place in ZNU Faculty of Biology. The event was organized by Ph.D., Docent of the Department of Chemistry Mykhailo Zavgorodniy ("The Structure of Organic Compounds") and Ph.D. Oleksandr Korzh ("Modern Directions of Ecological Knowledge"). This meeting with teachers is the seventh one for this year.
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21.02.2013 15:10
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