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Valentine’s Day celebration on the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

On February 14 the Student Council of the Faculty held a party game named “Sweethearts” in which the couples among students competed for victory and sweet gifts.

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15.02.2013 14:57

ZNU Faculty of Foreign Philology Student Council Congratulated Future Entrants on St. Valentine's Day

February 15, the activists of the Faculty invited the graduates of Zaporizhian schools at the thematic evening "About Love in Foreign Languages". For such guests the Faculty has prepared the entertainment program in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
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15.02.2013 14:56

ІІ Round of All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Papers Contest on Natural, Technical and Humanitarian Sciences in 2012/2013 Will Be Held at ZNU Faculty of Biology

According to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine decree №1076 of 05.10.2012 "About the Nationwide Competition of students' scientific works of natural, technical and humanitarian sciences in 2012/2013 academic years" ZNU for the second year assigned to be the base for holding the second round of the Competition in the direction "Natural Sciences".
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15.02.2013 11:45

Concert for All Lovers from ZNU Faculties of Economics and Philology

The celebration of Saint Valentine's Day ended with the big concert, prepared by the students of the Faculties of Economics and Philology with the support of ZNU Center for Cultural Work and the Student Council. The students and lecturers gathered in the concert hall of the second Academic building.
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15.02.2013 11:33

Students of ZNU Law Faculty Organized Valentine's Day Musical Break

Continuing the tradition of musical breaks, February 14, students of the Law Faculty organized Valentine's Day musical break.
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14.02.2013 16:46

Students of ZNU Faculty of History Prepared Valentine's Day Concert

The solemn event was held in the concert hall of the 5th Academic building.
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14.02.2013 16:24

Master's Degree Awarding Ceremony Took Place at ZNU Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration

Valentine's Day brought the particularly festive mood at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration. February 14, the masters' diplomas were handed here. To congratulate the graduates in 2013 on this important event come not only their teachers and parents, but also graduates of the previous years.
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14.02.2013 15:47

Romantic KVK before Valentine's Day

The open semifinal league of KVK Rector's Cup was held on the eve of Saint Valentine's Day.
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14.02.2013 14:33

Students of ZNU Faculty of Journalism Celebrated Valentine's Day

Today students of the Faculty of Journalism gathered during musical breaks to greet each other with Valentine's Day.
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14.02.2013 14:30

Students of ZNU College of Economics and Law Celebrated Saint Valentine's Day

Students of ZNU College of Economics and Law prepared the Saint Valentine's Day musical break.
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14.02.2013 14:10
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