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On the Faculty of History was the International scientific conference online

April 19 at the Faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University hosted an international scientific Internet conference "Historical science in the university: research areas, projects, problems (for example, university of southern Ukraine and Russia)".

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22.04.2013 14:09

Professor Theodore Turchenko became the honorary guest of the Lviv conferenceи

March 14-15 in Lviv the conference "History of Ukraine XIX - XX centuries.: New approaches and interpretations." The event was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Institute of Historical Research Lviv National Ivan Franko University.

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18.03.2013 13:41

Students of the Faculty of History Museum visited Dnepropetrovsk Jewish history and the Holocaust

March 17, students and faculty of the historical faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University visited Dnepropetrovsk Jewish History Museum and the Holocaust. The visit took place at the invitation of the director of the museum, a graduate of the Faculty of History ZNU Igor Schupak.

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18.03.2013 12:58

Solemn Presentation of the Books by Oleksandr Bilousenko

February 6, the presentation of two books "In Search of Better Life" and "Cossack Descendants of Sava Bilous" by the People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 1st calling, Honorary Economist of Ukraine, Honorary Doctor of ZNU Oleksandr Bilousenko took place in ZNU.
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06.02.2013 13:39

Roundtable on the Specification of Vasilivka Establishment Date Took Place in ZNU Faculty of History

January 30, the roundtable on "Problems of the Finding Zaporizhzhya Region Settlements' Roots: New Documents from the Foundation of Vasilivka".
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31.01.2013 10:37

Round table discussion on “Anti-Americanism in modern world” at the Faculty of History

April, 12 within the framework of Youth Science 2012 and initiated by “International Affairs Expert” Club a small group meeting was held, dedicated to Anti-Americanism in modern world: reasons and manifestations”

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24.04.2012 12:55

Professor Perry Bush gives lectures at Zaporizhzhya National University

Perry Bush, a renowned Professor of History at the Bluffton University came to Zaporizhzhya. He has submitted his candidacy to participate in Fulbright Program last year and within the spring semester Professor is going to share his experience with educators and give lectures to students of History.
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27.02.2012 00:32

Congratulations to Professor Fedir Turchenko on his anniversary

Teaching staff and students of the Department of Ukrainian History, Faculty of History and the whole academic body of Zaporizhzhya National University congratulate Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences Fedir Turchenko on his 65th anniversary
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21.02.2012 12:57

St. Valentine’s Day celebrated at the Faculties of Economics and History

Faculties of Economics and History gave a concert on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day celebration.
Before the celebration the pairs in love could get ‘married’ and be presented with a ‘technical certificate’ on their beloved ones. Everyone willing has seized the opportunity.
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16.02.2012 00:26
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