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Poems of Young Poets Listened Zaporizhzhya ZNU Writers

On May 15 began a literary evening with these lines of great Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko: "Poetry - is always originality, a touch of the immortal soul ..." at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of ZNU.
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18.05.2015 13:43

At ZNU continues Sports and athletics meeting 2015

The Faculty of Physics won sports and athletics meeting in basketball among boys. They won the final with a score of 50:24. The second place took the Faculty of Economics, and the third - Faculty of Foreign Philology.
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17.04.2015 10:19

At ZNU started a contest of amateur performances "Students' Spring 2015"

April 14 at Zaporizhzhya National University started a traditional contest of amateur performances for the 1st-5th years students "Students' Spring 2015" organized by the Cultural Center of ZNU. On the first day of the festival their "House concert" showed teams of the Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Mathematics.
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15.04.2015 13:40

In the ZNU held a meeting of section "Foreign philology" at the conference "Young Science -2015"

April 8 on the basids of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Zaporizhzhya National University within the framework of scientific and practical conference "Young Science-2015" held four meetings of section "Foreign philology". The conference was attended by about 40 students which submitted their reports. At the event also visited not only the students of junior and senior years, but the master's students. Young scientists of the Faculty have prepared more than 50 scientific reports on various subjects.
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08.04.2015 16:16

Professor of ZNU Saniia Yenikieieva took part in the Doctoral Academic Council of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

April 3, the Head of the Department of English philology of ZNU, professor Saniia Yenikieieva took part in the first meeting of the Doctoral Academic Council Д 64.051.27 of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University of speciality 10.02.04 "Germanic languages".
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08.04.2015 14:25

On the "Miss of ZNU - 2015" presented "History of Ukrainian girl"

Yesterday, April 2, in the Glinka Concert Hall held 13th contest of beauty, grace and charm – show "Miss of ZNU - 2015" . This year it was held under the slogan "History of Ukrainian girl." To celebrate the main spring event of ZNU – The Holiday of Beauty and Talent – have gathered together in the hall of administration of the university, representatives of all faculties of Higher Educational Institution, teachers, students, their parents and friends. On the background of the events that is now experiencing in Ukraine, all aspects of the event were filled with military-patriotic-themed clothing, performances and shows attributes. At the beginning of the contest guests honored with a minute of silence for memory of the fallen motherland freedom fighters. In the hall also working volunteers who gathered funds to support the soldiers participating of ATO and to the wounded.
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03.04.2015 14:40

Students of ZNU held the fair on collection costs for the military hospital

March 25 Zaporizhzhya National University on the initiative Faculty of Foreign Philology was a charity fair "Feast of good" on collection costs for soldiers who are treated in Zaporizhzhya military hospital. During the long breaks ground in front of the second academic building, sold pastries, sweets and handicrafts. The event was attended by students, teachers and guests of the university.
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25.03.2015 14:50

In ZNU was held the first round of All-Ukrainian student competition in French, English, German and Spanish

During January and February at the Faculty of Foreign Philology of Zaporizhzhya National University was held the first round of All-Ukrainian student competition in French, English, German and Spanish. The event was attended by all students of the Faculty, demonstrating a high knowledge level.
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12.03.2015 10:10

Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum visited the ZNU

March 11, at the Zaporizhzhya National University visited the director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Ukraine concerning culture Mr. Jakub Forst-Battaglia. During his visit, the honorable guest met with the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov, visited the Faculty of Foreign Languages and gave lectures on history and culture of Austria to German language.
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11.03.2015 14:29

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages of ZNU was elected Head of the Student' Council

March 10, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of ZNU held a reporting conference of students of the faculty, during which they reelected Head of the Students' Council of the Faculty. The Head of the faculty of student government stand Anastasiia Brus.
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11.03.2015 09:44
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