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Prydniprovia Social Sciences and Humanities Readings launched in ZNU

April, 11 the 1st All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practice Conference on Prydniprovia Social Sciences and Humanities Readings was held in the University

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18.04.2012 11:58

ZNU students have discussed problematic issues and prospects of European integration

March 1, Scientific Library (ZNU), a conference on “Association Agreement: value that might be lost” with the participation of representatives from “Centre for European Integration”, NGOs and youth organisations, students of HEIs in Zaporizhzhya
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05.03.2012 16:53

Current issues on forecasting and planning of political situations and processes discussed in ZNU

International Scientific Conference on Social forecasting and planning of political situations and processes has gathered in ZNU sociologists and political experts across all the regions of Ukraine, as well as researchers from Russia
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05.03.2012 15:13

Merry New Year and Christmas Holidays At Foreign Languages Department

The student scientific conference "Christmas Readings", theatrical performances in English, French, German and Spanish languages were prepared at the Foreign Languages Department before the Christmas holidays.
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28.12.2011 12:30

FLD's Christmas Readings Gathered Over Hundred Zaporizhzhya Scientists

On December 8 in Zaporizhzhya National University there was the Interuniversity Student scientific and Practical Conference "Christmas Readings". It is the fifth time this conference is being organized at the Department of Foreign Languages. This year 115 participants' applications were received.
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11.12.2011 12:10

Scientific Conference «HIV Is About Everyone» at SPP

The last event that closed the week of the International Day Against AIDS in ZNU was the scientific conference "HIV Is About Everyone" at the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology. The co-organizers were the representatives of the scientific society "Young Science" and the NGO "AIDS Center" by the Charity Fund "Hope".
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08.12.2011 11:38

Managing Regional Economic Potential Discussed in ZNU

Today the Economic Department welcomes the participants of the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference Problems of Managing the Regional Economic Potential. The Scientific Library of ZNU Prepared the exhibition of the special literature devoted to the event.
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27.10.2011 13:13

Ways of Economic Development of Ukraine Discussed in ZNU

The 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference «Transformational Processes in Economics of State and Regions» was opened in ZNU. 93 scientists from different regions of Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belarus and Poland participate in it.
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21.10.2011 10:01

ZNU Joined Jurists Preparation System Reforming

Dean of the Law Department of ZNU Tetiana Kolomoets participated in the All-Ukrainian Conference devoted to the reforming of the preparation system of the jurists. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
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29.10.2009 10:10

Scientists Discuss Regional Economic Potential Specifics

The Department of Management of ZNU holds the Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference “Administration of the Economic Potential of the Region”. 102 persons participated in the conference, and 195 people sent the abstracts of their papers for the conference book of materials.
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29.10.2009 09:42
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