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Law Students Discussed Urgent Issues of the Right to Life

March 5 at the Faculty of Law Students passed event dedicated to discussing one of the most important issues of our time - the right to life and the mechanisms of its implementation. The event was held in the format of the conference. Participants made ​​presentations on the theme: "Euthanasia: the perspective of the right to euthanasia in Ukraine", "Problems of constitutional consolidation woman's right to abortion (abortion)," "Absence in the text of the Constitution rules that would prohibit the death penalty in Ukraine."
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05.03.2013 14:11

Law student ZNU Alexei Krasov finished second at National Kickboxing Championships

March 3 in Dnepropetrovsk was Ukrainian championship in kickboxing, which was attended by boxers of all weights from different regions of Ukraine.

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04.03.2013 13:34

Law School ZNU held a round table on "Current issues of private law"

March 1 at the Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University held a round table on "Current issues of private law."

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04.03.2013 11:58

Law School Student Council has developed the concept of the student government

March 1 on the basis of the Faculty of Biology ZNU took another scientific seminar dedicated to the analysis of experimental data in natural science research.

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04.03.2013 11:48

Law students held a round table discussion on the reform of the Customs Service of Ukraine

March 1st scientific society activists and graduate students the Faculty of Law held a roundtable "Reforming the State Customs Service of Ukraine".

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04.03.2013 11:28

Law faculty ZNU provіv Naukova konferentsіyu entitled "Ukrainian pisemnіst"

March 4 at the Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University held a conference entitled "Ukrainian writing." It was attended by teachers and students of the second year of Law School.
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04.03.2013 09:44

Faculty of Law News last lectures of specialists in administrative law

February 27 for law students Zaporizhzhya National University leading experts in the field of administrative law in different universities of Ukraine held three lectures.
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28.02.2013 11:48

Law students discussed the feasibility of the existence of the National Bureau of Investigation Ukraine

Members of the Scientific Society of Students Faculty of Law held a roundtable "National Bureau of Investigation Ukraine: prospects and feasibility of establishing". Chaired the meeting, student of, deputy head of SSA faculty Nikita Zhukov.
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28.02.2013 09:09

Students in the regular meeting of the working group on the draft amendments to the Regulations on the student government

February 25 Student Council Zaporizhzhya National University held a meeting of the working group on the draft amendments to the Regulations on the student government.
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27.02.2013 09:10

Students of legal and economic faculties Students held a lecture on "Normative ensure financial activities"

February 26 students of the Faculty together with the students of Faculty of Economics Zaporizhzhya National University held an extended lecture on "Normative ensure financial activities." The event was organized Doctor of Law, professor Nikolai Martynov.
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27.02.2013 08:59
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