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Foreign Languages Intensive Study Center invites entrants to the magistracy to visit preparation courses

According to entrance conditions tо the Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine (approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 873 from 18.09.2009.) and admission conditions to the State Higher Educational institution "Zaporizhzhya National University" MES (Ministry for Education and Science) of Ukraine admission to the magistracy is on a competitive basis. The structure of the entrance examinations to the magistracy entered the exam in a foreign language, which provides foreign language level B2 for bachelors alumni of different specialties. Due to the Regulations especially for future master's students and specialists developed a course in preparation for exams in foreign languages, which will help to pass the entrance examination and get a good result.
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10.06.2016 14:03

Summer Law School will continue its work in ZNU

During two days, 9th and 10th of June at the Faculty of Law of ZNU, as part of the Summer Law School for law students, pupils, teachers of specialized and secondary schools, local government officials, civil servants, representatives of Legal public professional organizations will be held thematic sessions.
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10.06.2016 09:22

ZNU invited employees and students to a summer holidays to Kyrylivka

Recently specialists for Maintenance and Supply of Zaporizhzhya National University returne from the recreation facility "Slavutych" of our university, which is located in the township  Kirillovka where they completed planned repair before the summer tourists visits. Now students, teachers and staff of Zaporizhzhya National University can relax at the seasideby restoring their forces after a busy academical year.
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09.06.2016 13:53

The development of science and innovation in universities discussed in ZNU

Today under realization in Zaporizhzhya National University and the first regional forum "Science. Authority. Business "held a round table meeting "Development of science and innovation activities in higher educational institutions." It took part in the management and scientists of Zaporizhzhya higher educational institutions, members of the City Council, business leaders and organizations. The main purpose of this event was to discuss cooperation between them problems that arise during establishing communication and directions of scientific innovation.
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08.06.2016 16:46

Representatives of the authorities, science and business consolidated for the prosperity of Zaporizhzhya region

June 8 in Zaporizhzhya National University and held I-regional forum "Science. Authority. Business". At the event visited by representatives of regional and municipal authorities, members of Zaporizhzhya enterprises and organizations, entrepreneurs, scientists from leading higher educational institutions of the region, young scientists, graduate students and students. Participants of the Forum came together to consolidate the efforts of government, science and business and to direct them to solve the problems of Zaporizhzhya region to ensure the effective development of innovative, technological, economic and human potential of Zaporizhzhya region.
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08.06.2016 14:48

EIT (External Independent Tests) in foreign languages graduates of the city and region prepared in ZNU

Today, 7th of June, the regular external testing. This time graduates prepared tests in English. For visiting in EIT to Zaporizhzhya National University, 227 graduates (a total of 240 registered persons). There was present at the EIT also the authorized person of the Dnepropetrovsk Education Quality Assessment Centre Olena Syrovatko. Our Нigher Educational Institution is the base for preparing of basic and additional EIT sessions since the founding of this form evaluation of knowledge in Ukraine. Therefore, persons work involved in the conduct of tests and their organizations have extensive experience of successful EIT. Instructors, senior instructors, supporting staff created the most comfortable conditions for entrants and timely taken into account  all possible situations.
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07.06.2016 16:16

At the meeting of the Business Incubator of ZNU discussed business cooperation and energy control

June 6 at the Faculty of Economics of ZNU held a regular meeting of the first academic business incubator in Zaporizhzhya region "BI-Zaporizhzhya". The meeting was attended by the director of the business incubator "BI-Zaporizhzhya" Oleksandr Cherep, Dean of Faculty of Economics , professor Alla Cherep, General Director of the Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support Volodymyr Stepanenko, Head of the Supervisory Council ", "BI-Zaporizhzhya" Yurii Petrash, Senior Engineer of JSC (Open Joint-Stock Company) "Zaporizhzhyaoblenerho" Oleksandr Lysenko and incubators participating in the project.
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07.06.2016 15:54

At the Faculty of Economics held a contest "Specialties Advertisment"

For the third consecutive year at the Faculty of Economics of ZNU is a competition "Specialties Advertising". The initiator of the event was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics Alla Cherep. The purpose of the creative competition is to increase the interest of students and applicants to the specialties in economics.
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07.06.2016 13:51

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages started its work School Summer Camp

Students of our university continues "hot" time - examinations. But, of course, each of them motivated by the thought of summer vacation, holidays. However, our students are trying to organize their vacation time not only pleasant but also useful introduction to a variety of internships, summer schools, workshops. Some of them not for only their knowledge but also for their first steps in professional activities. Not remain aside also students of the faculty, which this summer will work as English language teachers in summer school camps in Zaporizhzhya.
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06.06.2016 10:02

Vice-Rector for Science and Research Hennadii Vasylchuk took part in training by the implementation of academic honesty

31st May and 1st June during the meeting partners under the Project of promoting academic integrity in Ukraine (Kyiv) held a two-day training for members of the teaching staff of universities - participants. It was attended by Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, academic councils secretaries and heads of academic units of leading national universities. Zaporizhzhya National University was represented by Vice-Rector for Science and Research Hennadii Vasylchuk.
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03.06.2016 09:12
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