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Project Coordinator of Erasmus + “European Values in Literary Arts”, associate professor Stanislav Cherkasov took part in an international conference in Brussels

Project Coordinator of Erasmus + “European Values in Literary Arts”, associate professor Stanislav Cherkasov took part in an international conference in Brussels

Coordinator of the European Program Erasmus + in the direction of Jean Monet "European Values in Literary Arts", deputy dean of the Faculty of History for International Affairs, associate professor of the Department of World History and International Relations Stanislav Cherkasov took part in the International Conference of Project Coordinators Erasmus+ held on November 28-29  in the city of Brussels.  The event was organized by the European Commission together with the Executive Agency for Education of the European Union.

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04.12.2018 13:10

The 8th students' "Christmas Readings" gathered about 200 young scientists of the Faculty of Foreign Philology

On December 24 at the Faculty of Foreign Philology of Zaporizhzhya National University for the eighth time held a traditional scientific event - inter-university student conference "Christmas readings". This year to discuss topical issues of learning foreign languages, literature, translation and teaching methodology in schools have expressed a desire about 200 students and high school students in our region.
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25.12.2015 11:52

Conference "Foreign philology in the XXI century" for the seventh brought together leading linguists from different countries

October 17-18 in Zaporizhzhya National University continues the VII International scientific conference "Foreign language and literature in the XXI century". This time to participate in the prestigious scientific meeting came 180 applications from England, Russia, France and Ukraine. The event was attended by both well-known scientists, linguists, and those who are taking the first steps in building a scientific career.
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17.10.2014 13:50

In ZNU started the Interuniversity Student Scientific Conference "Christmas reading"

20 December at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Zaporizhzhya National University launched Conference "Christmas reading". This scientific event is held on the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the fifth time.
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20.12.2013 13:40

At the Faculty of of Foreign Languages of ZNU held an online conference

October 9 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of ZNU in dual degree program between Zaporizhzhya National University and the University du Maine held the first in this academic year videoconference on sociolinguistics and language variation.
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25.10.2013 09:02

ZNU scholars discussed current issues of Foreign Languages

In Zaporizhzhya National University on the basis of the faculty began work VI International Conference "Foreign Philology in the twentieth century." The event was a remarkable event, not only for domestic philological science, but also for foreign researchers. This is evidenced by the fact that the organizing committee has received 224 applications for participation in the conference with Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, the USA and France.
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05.04.2013 15:21

Merry New Year and Christmas Holidays At Foreign Languages Department

The student scientific conference "Christmas Readings", theatrical performances in English, French, German and Spanish languages were prepared at the Foreign Languages Department before the Christmas holidays.
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28.12.2011 12:30

FLD's Christmas Readings Gathered Over Hundred Zaporizhzhya Scientists

On December 8 in Zaporizhzhya National University there was the Interuniversity Student scientific and Practical Conference "Christmas Readings". It is the fifth time this conference is being organized at the Department of Foreign Languages. This year 115 participants' applications were received.
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11.12.2011 12:10
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