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Medical Care In ZNU To Become More Effective

December 27 was the date for a regular meeting of ZNU Academic Council. Much attention was focused on the state of health protection in the university.

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31.12.2005 18:17

People We Are Proud Of: Rusudan Makhachashvili

Beginning from January 1, the status of a senior lecturer of the Chair Practice of Translation of the Foreign Languages Faculty will belong to Rusudan Makhachashvili, 23 year-old graduate of our university.

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28.12.2005 01:14

Zaporizhzhya Region Golf Federation’s Anniversary

Last weekend the first anniversary of Zaporizhzhya Region Golf Federation was vividly celebrated in our city. Particularly, in “Billi-Bons” restaurant the journalists had a chance to show their mini-golf skills. 17 teams (34 participants) were representing Zaporizhzhya TV-channels, radio stations and periodicals.

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28.12.2005 01:12

Opening of ZNU’s Grand New-Year’s Tree

On December 26 honorable guests – Mayor of Zaporizhzhya Yevgen Kartashov, Head of City Education Department Dmytro Sekeryns’kyy, Head of Zhovtnevyy District Administration Petro Zubkov – visited Zaporizhzhya National University. Together with ZNU Rector Sergiy Tymchenko and First Vice-Rector Fedir Turchenko they solemnly opened Grand New-Year’s Tree of the university. The action took place near ZNU Sports Center.

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28.12.2005 01:11

Rectorial New Year’s Reception

On Thursday evening it was amazing at the assembly hall of building II, as it was hosting the action which becomes traditional for our university – the Rectorial New Year’s Reception for senior pupils, organized by the Faculty of Preliminary Studies. The deans of all ZNU faculties were present at the meeting with future entrants.

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26.12.2005 01:35

Presentation of “Dzyga”

On December 21 the editorial staff of renovated “Dzyga” periodical held the presentation of its edition.

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22.12.2005 15:44

“Rock-Beehive”: the Zaporizhzhya Youth Rock-Groups Festival

Zaporizhzhya National University hosted “Rock-Beehive” festival for the first time . 11 youth rock-groups from our city took part in it: «Lucky Sunday» (L.S.D), «John & Co», «Eksklusyv», «Sick Toy», «Legenda», «Salamandra», «Krapka Podachi», «Zgraya», «Obraz Zhyttya життя», «Two Pigs», «MayzhekoliR».

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22.12.2005 02:11

Anti-Smoking Campaign In ZNU

Indubitably, the best of all would be if you don’t smoke. It is obvious. But if you cannot get rid of pernicious habit, you should display decorum, smoking in specified places. Students of ZNU could notice recently that Rector’s decree “On the Prohibition of Smoking in ZNU” appeared near the entrance to every building of the university as well as on bulletin boards in hospices. The scheme is hanging nearby. Please be so kind to study it!

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21.12.2005 15:35
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