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Hirudo Therapy Studied at Biological Department

16.03.2011 12:39 All Faculties Biology

It has been already almost 10 year since the medicinal leeches are being studied in ZNU laboratories. The humanity has been using them for medical purposes since the ancient times but there weren't any scientific evidences of proving their characteristic till now. The Immunology and Biochemistry Chair Professor, Dr. of Medical Sci. Olexandr Frolov told us about the ZNU scientists' achievements in studying of the medical leeches.

Nowadays it is proved the medicinal leeches' abilities to release inflammation, regulate the blood pressure, to raise the immunity. Using the leeches it is possible to treat the chronicle diseases or doing the prophylaxis for the entire human organism. There are only few contra-indications for using the leeches: the blood diseases, the cancer, and body exhaustion.
Unfortunately the hirudo therapy (treatment with medical leeches) hasn’t been registered as official method of treatment yet. Only some therapists use it.
The ZNU teachers along with the specialists of the Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Post-diploma Education offer courses for preparing the specialists if the hirudo therapy, and together with other Ukrainian medical universities provide research platforms for studying the biochemical and medical characteristics of leeches.