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Philological Department Students Met Famous Poet Lyubov Gen'ba

24.05.2011 19:44

On May 21 the students of the Philological Department has unusual class. They met the famous poet, the member of the National Writers Society, the ZNU alumna Lyubov Gen'ba.

It's not the first time the poet meets the ZNU student, but her meeting are so creative that each time is like the first for the audience.
This time the future philologists listened to the poet's works performed by Mrs Gen’ba. She declaimed the poetry from her books «Povezy Mene u Krasyve» (Take Me Where the Beauty Is) and «Dusha Ide na Spovid…» (The Soul Goes Confession) accompanied by the lyrical music.
The poet also said the interesting facts from her life. For instance she tried to enter the university for three times. Only the third time was successful. Nowadays she works at the position of the director of the Museum of Local History in Guliaypole, which is in Zaporizhzhya Oblast. It's one of the best museums in the region and is famous by keeping the memory of the legendary figure Nestor Makhno.
Lyubov Gen'ba also shared her plans for the future - publishing the new poetry book and the boor of memoirs «Moi Sny» (My Dreams).