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Petro Rebro Presented 7th Book of "Selected Works"

24.05.2011 20:02 All Faculties Philology

On May 22 it was the 150th anniversary of the reburying the famous poet Taras Shevchenko in Kaniv. He died in Saint Petersburg, but was buried at the banks of Dnipro River. The famous Ukrainian writer, the nominee and laureate of the different literary premiums Petro Rebro presented his new boor within this event. It is the 7th volume of his Selected Works.

The presentation of the book was organized in the university intentionally. The researcher of Perto Rebro's works Candidate of Philological Sci., Associate Prof. Olga Stadnichenko welcomed the writer. She said:
«In 7th volume of Petro Rebro's Selected Works there are the facts, which are not presented in any other books. It consists of features stories devoted to Taras Shevchenko's life».