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Yurii Scherbak's Novel Presented to ZNU Students

26.05.2011 11:00

In ZNU the end of the academic year appeared to be very rich on interesting meetings with the famous writes. Some of them are ZNU alumni well known all over Ukraine. Our alumnus famous writer and journalist Pavlo Volvach and the representatives of the Publishing House "Yaroslaviv Val" came from Kyiv to ZNU to present the new book.

The meeting occasion is the presentation ofYurii Scherbak's novel «Smertokhrystiv Time. Mirages 2077».
The director of the publishing house, the famous writer Mykhaylo Slaboshpytsky said about the novel: «this is a political thriller, which action is being developing before the 4th Global war. The novel's hero is a general of the military secret service of Ukraine, who becomes a witness and a participant of the collapse of the dictatorship regime actual at that time in Ukraine. In general the novel has different lines - the adventures and philosophical ones. Its genre is anti-utopia, very popular in the western literature, but not so widespread in Ukraine».
He also recommended before reading the novel get to know the writers' political essays "Ukraine in the Turbulence Zone".
the author himself presented the novel and answered the student questions. The future philologists and journalist were very active at the meeting.
Pavlo Volvach also had a speech and declaimed some ofd his poetry works about his hometown Zaporizhzhya.
The guests presented the newest books published in "Yaroslaviv Val" publishing house.
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