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Best Conditions For Future Students - in ZNU

27.07.2011 17:58 Вступна кампанія-2011 Приймальна комісія Абітурієнт-2011

The entering campaign lasts in ZNU. The Admission Department officers headed by Iryna Bakalenko do their best to make it the most convenient for the applicants to apply for studying in ZNU. They give the maximum of the useful information and care about every applicant.

The main features of this year entering campaign are that, firstly the demographic crisis is now (population lacks of the 40% of the youth - the potential applicants), and secondly the shortcomings of the previous campaigns (the huge lines for the documents submissions) were worked out. This year the period of the documents submission was prolonged to the July, 31st.
All needed information one can find at the Admission Office web-site . The hot-line, forum, e-mailing are available for applicants if they want to reach the Admission officers. 5,5 thousand applications have been already registered.

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