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ZNU Biologists Finished Summer Internship

03.08.2011 13:24 All Faculties Biology Біологічний факультет Практика

The students of the Biological Department have their academic summer internships each year during their studying. It is one of the forms of the special preparation, which helps to deepen the theoretical knowledge.

The freshmen and sophomores of the Biological Department majoring in Biology had their internship in botany and zoology at the biostation of the Zaporizhzya National University at Khortitsa Island.
The students majoring in Garden and Park Economy had their summer internship at the municipal parks and gardens: at the municipal park Oak Grove, Nikitsky National Botanic Garden (in Crimea), Zaporizhzhya City Children Botanic Garden and the municipal service organization Zaporizhzelengosp. Some other students had their internship at the Sophiivka Arboretum in Uman and in ZNU laboratories.

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