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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Professor Tetiana Kolomoyets – the holder of “The best law books” award

Professor Tetiana Kolomoyets – the holder of “The best law books” award

19.01.2012 10:33 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет Конкурс досягнення

New Year rating created by “Law Bulletin of Ukraine”, National legal newspaper

Over twenty eminent lawyers, who are also on the newspaper panel of experts, have analysed 2011 attainments in the field of Law and introduced rating in 5 nominations as follows: “Positive events in Politics and Law”, “Unresolved problems in Politics and Law”, “Paramount regulatory legal acts”, “The best law books”, “The most authoritative lawyers”.
The panel has appreciated research findings made by the Law Faculty, ZNU in “The best law books” category, which were represented in a textbook on “Administrative Law of Ukraine. Academic Course” (the author: Tetiana Kolomoyets, Doctor of Law, professor) rating third in this category.
The textbook incorporates the well-structured material with the Sections divided in General Overview and Specifics and is developed meeting the ECTS requirements: theoretical material disposition, tasks, practical training tasks, literature sources, issues on development and state of administrative law as a science are revealed. The book has been approved of as up-to-date and of high quality, as well as valuable both for university teachers and students of Law.
Special congratulations to professor Tetiana Kolomoyets and wishing her further success and inspiration in the realm of law science.

Olena Yaroshenko Юридичний факультет, Декан, Конкурс

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