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200th Anniversary of renowned writer and public figure Yevgen Grebinka celebrated at Philology Faculty

17.02.2012 16:00 All Faculties Philology філологічний факультет Вечір пам’яті річниця

February, 2 Bicentennial anniversary of the widely-known national fable writer, poet and prose writer, publisher and public figure Yevgen Grebinka was celebrated in Ukraine. ZNU has also joined to festivities by carrying out commemoration gathering of 2nd year students of Ukrainian Language and Literature supervised by Valentina Kravchenko, associate professor in the Department of Ukrainian Literature

Students Alyona Matiychuk and Kateryna Rybak, scenario writers and hosts of the event took care of the programme diversity and content: lyrical sentimental songs, written by Y. Grebinka ‘Pochtalion’ (The Postman) performed by Tetiana Didenko and ‘Ni, mamo, ne mozhna neluba lubity’ (No, Mommy, one cannot love the unloved) by Victoria Teodorova. The performances dedicated to the writer’s biography moments and his varied creative life were accompanied with the video presentation. The spectators were captured by the acting of Yulia Dudnik and Kostiantyn Konotopets, staging the history moment of Taras Shevchenko, who has been a friend and teacher of Yevgen Grebinka, being delivered the ‘vilna’ (freedom letter).
The performances were aimed at detailed description of the writer’s literary attainments, as he is widely known as a fable writer. At the same time Yevgen Grebinka was the author of a range of Ukrainian and Russian lyric poetry and over 40 prose works in Russian – short stories, narratives and novels, including historical novel ‘Chaikovsky’, covering the history of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks. Publishing activity of Yevgen Grebinka as a compiler of ‘Lastivka’ anthology has played great role in development of Ukrainian literature in the early 19th century. According to the findings made by students, the literary investigators of Yevgen Grebinka’s oeuvre had a biased attitude considering his works as second-ranked.

Tamila Tarasenko

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