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How can one get to the College of Economics and Law (ZNU) by love tram?

17.02.2012 11:20 Економіко-правничий коледж День Святого Валентина

Every year ‘Love Tram’ city action is held on February, 14. The event started off from the city tram depot. First year students of Law from the College of Economics and Law were invited to the opening ceremony.

Owing to the dynamic involvement of Andriy Moyseenko, the 1st year student of Law in the action, the College students could have participated in the action. Andriy has invested much effort so that Zaporizhzhya community could enjoy a colourful, heart-decorated tram.
The College students have got a lot of positive emotions and were eagerly answering the questions of local journalists. The students were the first who made journey in the newly repaired and painted love tram. They have assured the next passengers that the celebration ambiance and good mood would become nice companions on that charming day.
СEvent sponsors have treated everyone to the delicious, huge cake shaped as a love tram. St. Valentine’s Day began for the College students overflowing with pleasant moments and romance followed by the catching holiday programme on the University campus (building 2).

Olexandra Danilkina

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