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Workshop at the Faculty of Foreign Philology

01.03.2012 09:21 All Faculties Foreign Philology

February, 27 within the framework of Science and Methodology Board session a methodology seminar for faculty educators was carried out on “Components of literary texts interpretation for 4-5 year students”

‘This is quite a crucial issue in the context of future linguists' education’ pointed out the chairman of the Board, Ph.D. in Education, Assoc. Prof. Kateryna Ruzhin opening the workshop.
Leading educators of the departments of English and Romance Philology and experts in methodology of text analysis have shared their teaching experience and discussed with their colleagues methods, forms and approaches to text interpretation in teaching students of different years of study – future linguists in English, French and Spanish. Another subject for discussion appeared to be comprehension and skills standards for text interpretation required for taking State qualification examination in major and second foreign language.
Senior lecturer Tetiana Khaidukova (Department of German Philology and Translation) proposed to her associates concepts and approaches to text analysis and interpretation and also their application in her teaching practice with students of German.
Such round table discussions have already come into tradition. Educators have opportunity to reconsider the methods and approaches used in their practice and adopt their colleagues' techniques. We are looking forward to next meetings.

Ganna Vanina,
Ph.D. in Philology,
Lecturer of Department of teaching second language