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Unique Tropical Forest in ZNU

01.03.2012 09:32 All Faculties Biology Faculty of Biology Landscape design

An aquarium was set up last year in the campus bld. # 3 which after results of ‘The best landscape design expert’ contest was designed by students. Students from Department of Landscape Design have decided to restore the florarium to the 25th anniversary of Biology Faculty. A new project has been elaborated with its further turning into reality

New florarium design reminds of ancient ruins lost in tropical forests. A pond is placed in the center, beautifying the scene and ensuring necessary microclimate. Pond’s walls are laid with stones imitating deep and steep canyons, with tiny brook flowing out.
A great many of exotic plants, matching in size, colour and consistency are bedded around the pond thus forming impenetrable depths like those in tropical forests.
Standing by the florarium the visitor finds himself lost in the forest....Sound of water, colours of plant life and unique scenery attract and engage.
You can visit florarium at bld. # 3, 2nd floor.

Faculty of Biology

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