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Students of Law discussed issue of education systems identification

02.03.2012 10:19 All Faculties Law Faculty of Law professional development

February, 28 Centre for teachers’ professional development, a meeting on education systems identification in Ukraine and Russia was held. It was visited by teaching methodology specialists from secondary and higher education institutions, Orthodox confession representatives, officials from public organisations and members of Coordinating Council of junior lawyers which comprise students of Law Faculties across Zaporizhzhya universities

Four students from ZNU were also on the participation list. They have been invited to take part in discussion by Natalia Bogomolova, chairman of Coordinating Council of junior lawyers, officer for the Central Administration of Justice in Zaporizhzhya region.
Video conference was launched with counterparts from Samara State Institute for teachers' professional development (Russia). Among other issues on the agenda the participants have looked into political and legislation factors in identifying education in Ukraine and Russia. In particular, the Constitution articles on Mother Language in Ukraine and Russia were compared and analysed. Ukrainian associates were also eager to know about the attitude of their Russian counterparts towards Ukrainian language and the percentage of Russians speaking Ukrainian.
On completing the session the participants made conclusion that relationship between two neighbouring nations reminded relations of empire and a colony whereas partnership cooperation would better fit the efficient development of both the states.

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