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Yet another workshop for the students of Law

06.03.2012 10:14 All Faculties Law юридичний факультет майстер-клас

“Spryiannia” public utility company director Daria Kikeyeva has been invited to the Faculty of Law, ZNU where she gave workshop on Legal Departments’ operation specifics at public municipal companies

The workshop has been organised by active members from Student Scientific Society and visited by everyone eager to know more on lawyers’ work specifics in public utility domain.
Mrs. Kikeyeva was speaking on structure and cooperation between public utility companies supplying the local and regional community with heat and running water, etc. She also gave real-life situations describing disputes that arise between physical persons and municipal companies and related to those legal expert work peculiarities. To the expert’s opinion, those students who are going to apply for work in public sphere will not obtain a full-range professional experience as they would in the Bar, but they will gain valuable skills and expertise instead. Besides, during the meeting the issue was raised on personal factor in solving legal disputes and conflicts and students were given some practical advice on this subject.

Tamila Tarasenko

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