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New Master degree programme introduced at the Faculty of Management

21.03.2012 00:48 All Faculties Management

Master of Business Administration degree programme is now launched at Zaporizhzhya National University. Admission is made after entrance examination results. The M.B.A. programme is available for residents of Ukraine having Bachelor, Specialist, Master degree or higher education in any field of studies having been obtained prior to introducing graded higher education in Ukraine.

Length of studies: 1,5 years.
At present ZNU is the only higher education institution in the region providing academic education in Business Administration.
Master in Business Administration is a professional of the highest administration level performing the following executive functions and standard activity assignments:
• Carrying out system analysis of macro- and microenvironment in the organisation, monitoring major local and international market rivals;
• Articulating company’s mission and goals based on system analysis taking in consideration its capacity and outward environment factors;
• Developing strategic goals for company’s operation under competitive conditions;
• Ensuring the introduction of financial, pricing, credit and bank and social policies;
• Conducting forecasting and scenario business planning by applying results of benchmark analysis, marketing research and approved development strategy;
• Forecasting company’s further activities and the enterprise development dynamics based on statistical statements data and business accounting;
• Elaborating new product ideas (goods or services) in correlation with the consumer demand;
• Taking measures on the introduction of economically grounded innovations;
• Ensuring enterprise interests’ protection in relationships with external environment subjects.
Conforming to the National Occupational Classification and certified branch higher education standards in speciality 8.18010016 “Business Administration” the graduates may hold positions as follows:
• Chairman of the Management Board
• Director General (Chairman, President) of enterprises' amalgamation (association, corporation, concern etc.)
• General manager (chief, another manager)
• Office director
• Technical director
• Affiliate manager
• Centre director
• Managing director
• Manager (director, chief) of the department
• Director of Economic Affairs
• Department head
• Manager (trustee) of information safety systems
• Manager (trustee) of social and corporate accountability
• Counselor (in public administration agencies, executive committee)
Professional performance of the M.B.A. is viewed in:
• Making and adopting strategically-important decisions within one’s sphere of competence;
• Strategic company management in general as well as its structural subunits;
• Fulfilling administration functions through mostly heuristic, analytic and coordination steps within the limits of administration activities;
• Being in charge of lower rank subordinates
• The expert in Business Administration is able to adjust to economic, engineering and technologic, marketing, inventory control, foreign economic, research, teaching and academic areas of functional administration.

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