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Managers addressing Logistics problems

19.04.2012 12:23 All Faculties Management Faculty of Management Youth Science 2012

Small group session in Management and Logistics was held in the framework of “Youth Science 2012”, the 5th University Conference for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students and Young Scholars   

Over 130 young scholars from the Faculty of Management submitted abstracts of  their reports. Every year the researchers’ community engaged in studying Management and Logistics issues grows in number, which was demonstrated at the small group session, attended by both students and young scholars.

Major topics of reports, presented at ‘Management and Logistics’ small group session were as follows: innovative processes under transformation period, problematic issues of developing export capacity of Ukraine, managerial decision-making under conditions of uncertainty, formation and implementation of  national enterprises’ strategies.

Special attention of the audience was drawn to the reports on “Unique corporate culture as a factor to enhance personnel’s motivation (case study: Google and Philips companies)” and “Contemporary tools of business planning”.


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